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  1. Why dont you guys Edit the First post and Put up a list?
  2. You want A Sad 360 story? Ive got two. 1. I went to Circuit City and guess what i saw?? The Xbox 360 with one Red ring of death, and the screen is telling everyone to go to support. 2. Today i went to gamestop and they had the 360 with all 3 Red rings of Death. Thats PATHETIC.
  3. well to make this bump not worthless. Question. What about sleep mode on the PSP? Would it "bork" the save file. Someone told me i should play this.
  4. Yea il give you guys an update. Not much of one tho. So Since i blocked her, i just have been naturally avoiding her. And she gets on the train to school One stop before i do. So one day, i decide i gotta make it to computer repair class on time. And i make it to the train station, i see my friend this hot dominican chick. So we talkin, but its cold so we stayed upstairs in the mezzanine of the train station. When the train was arriving, i goo downstairs and guess who just happens to be there?? HER! So we saw each other, and said nothing. My friend kept walking towards her and i didnt want to make anything obvious, so we all ended up on the same train. I pull out my PSP and just start talking with my friend, completely ignoring her. So then, my other friend, told me that she had spoken to the girl, and that the girl thinks i hate her. She even mentioned the fact that i was with "another girl" So thats how far this has gotten
  5. HEY!!! i do NOT have problems with everybody =\ Im just one of the very few ppl here who listens to Hip Hop Habitually, which in most cases is downsized by others. Besides that........do i not get along with the most of you?
  6. The thing is, i was accepting the fact that she rejected me at first. And i even told her all i needed was some time. But she kept going on with these silly games. That aint for me, so i wont be looking for a relationship with her anywayz. Had she just been honest from the start, things would be perfectly fine right now.
  7. I think that these companies forget that people CAN live without the latest video games.
  8. Id like to take the Risk of Warning or Permanent Ban to Publicly tell you FUCK YOU. Your Ignorance is just Disturbing
  9. Thats exactly what i was thinking.
  10. you should Definitely listen to the GZAs album "Liquid Swords"
  11. Album is Crazy Definitely a Must Buy. Although i might be overrating it because im such a fan. No it isnt better then 36 chambers but, lyrically, its better then 90% of crap out now. PM for Info =]
  12. Compatibility and popularity. I know several sites designed specifically for IE and will not work on FF. Also, sites like this one http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp clearly show that IE (even IE6) is the most common browser. Popularity?
  13. Actually, i kind of did When she said to wait i said "Thats gonna be Rough" then she offered to be friends with Benefits Yea thats what i did. She sent me a msg on AIM saying that she just wants to be friends and then Blocks me right away before i can respond. SO i sent her a msg on Myspace that read "Thats fine with me"
  14. Ok well now that im a bit better il update you guys on the story. Im shortening it down DRASTICALLY. But this is 1Emu and you guys are like a 3rd Family so here it is. The next day i got home, she had told her friend to tell me that she couldnt be wit me cuz she was grounded or some crap for a month. Then next day she said how much she liked me and blah blah to wait a month blah blah so i said im not tryin to wait, so she said ok so till then lets be friends wit Benefits, then today she says she only wants to be friends. So yea..........=\
  15. Yep. The Restaurant i work at is Open and has 1100+ Covers
  16. Well Fasle alarm guys. Apparently Her Father didnt like the idea of her having a Boyfriend. So its over. And i dont wanna talk about it so im going to close this.
  17. LMFAO Nice. Thanx Man. I Had to ask, it was killing me. I hate that feeling of liking someone and not saying anything so i said ima tell her, and if she says no, then i will try to heal the right way cuz if i didnt ask her, then i wouldve never known. Which wouldve probably killed me worst =\
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