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  1. Zelda Ocarina of time, but widescreen, unstretched. SWEET!!!!
  2. Good thing someone else made this because i also need some advice on this. ive been doing MUCH research and i want to build a rig using the Phenom 9500. So heres the Parts i want So far. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103226 - Phenom 9500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822152052 - 500GB Samsung HDD http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820220161 - Patriot 2 x 1GB DDR2 1066 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820145034 - Corsair 2 x 1GB DDR2 800 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813130136 - MSI K92A Platinum http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811112040 - Lian Li Case Anything you guys would change to make this Better/Cheaper? I dont know much about Power supplies so does anyone have any recommendations? At most all i want to spend is $1000 USD
  3. i have 40+ tabs saved on Firefox's sessionsaver, so i dont have a "homepage"
  4. well they said the same about Guitar Hero 3, and well it runs fine with my computer
  5. IF anything, i had more fun playing Wolfenstien then i did Doom back then
  6. Say what you want, but the Grim Reality is HALO! *waits*
  7. she knew that already. Pretty funny still
  8. Oh and guys, Post Pictures of the movie covers. Makes things interesting
  9. For like the millionth time. Never gets boring!
  10. Kids is a must see movie. And by that i mean, everyone must have seen that movie at least once in their lives.
  11. Yes it can, almost every game will run perfectly on a PC with 3Ghz of CPU with a 2GB and an Nvidia reference Geforce 8800 GTX overclocked to match the Ultra speed. What I meant by "decent" was "high-end" and a quality brand name! Those parts you mentioned are another story tho. Decent and High are are two different things. Those parts are High end, VERY far from decent. To me, a decent computer is 2.2Ghz single core, 1GB Nvidia 7800GT. THats a decent computer.
  12. Oh boy, if that was the best then you have MUCH to see. Godfather>>>
  13. It was a good movie, just very overhyped. Wasnt what i expected.
  14. Simply put, the Rule of thumb. Internet = Public. You love MUGEN? Make your private sutff. Go ahead by all means. Want to show it off? Post screenies and Vids. But, AS SOON AS YOU UPLOAD, ITS ALL OURS. Fighting it is a waste. Get a job at the RIAA if you want to fight things like that.
  15. It wont FORCE them, but im guessing alot of people will go that route. Simply because of better picture quality. Some wont, but so far here in NY, almost everyone i know has at least one HDTV in their house. We have 2 here.
  16. Mini Disc format was mainly used for Gamecube only, it was almost nowhere else to be found and had no promotion. GD-ROM is unheard of by most people. Ask any average joe what kind of disks were used for Dreamcast games and they will say CD-ROM. And you know damn well PS3 is the Sole Reason for Blu-Ray winning the format war. For a long time, PS3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market and its a Next Gen Console. Its getting heavy Promotion, and it WILL be the next format to take over DVD. Especially since the 2009 move to all digital service, everyone is going to have an HDTV. DVDs look fine on 32' HDTVs, but some people who get 52' screens are going to want to watch good quality movies. So the PS3 Quadruples as a Media center, Internet Browser, Next gen Game Console and High Definition Movie player, It definitely secured the win for Blu-Ray. Add this on top of the fact that Xbox 360 is NOT A reliable system to buy, and PS3 FTW
  17. BTW this was just a School Report i thought i should share, but you guys give good points. I guess i gotta start Re-writing. Thanks for the Feedback.
  18. Title: I Am Legend Starring: Will Smith Genre: Horror/Sci Fi Ok so here is a movie with a legend himself; Will Smith while he plays the last man alive. The story goes like this, Will smith plays Robert Neville. He was seemingly the only survivor of a cure for cancer which turned out to be a fatal Dust born Virus which wiped out the entire world by either infecting them, or the infected ate the people who survived. In all honesty, the idea sounds great. I've heard that the book is great in all aspects, but this movie is missing too much detail and adds on too much BS in order for this to be worth watching if you read the book. Having said that, the movie was very horribly put together. Good ideals were noticed, but one has to question the integrity of the production on this movie. First off, last I checked, movies are supposed to define the line between realism and fiction. This movie constantly jumped all over that line and completely erased it to make sense. For starters, this man was driving his car. I would like to know where exactly he managed to find Gasoline that didn't either evaporate or that he managed to save up for years?? From what I know, Gasoline Evaporates QUICKLY! So you mean to tell me that this Gasoline Not only lasted him 3 years of constant use with his car and his electronic generators, but that it didn't evaporate? Sorry, Not buying it. The Electronic Generators he was using in his house are gas powered. My family uses those in Dominican Republic, so if he uses that to power his lab and run his car for all his hunting and Lab missions, then that would never leave him with 3 years worth of Gasoline. The zombies in this movie were well done like a good porterhouse. They have one weakness which happens to be light……so wouldn't the smart thing to do be to constantly point light at them? Throughout most of this movie, Robert refused to do so. I couldn't see what kind of logic was being applied here. Was he trying to conceal himself in the darkness? That wouldn't work because they obviously have a heightened sense of vision, smell or hearing which allows them to lurk in the dark while still being able to recognize their surroundings. Not only that, but the way he was breathing would give him away to any normal human being, what's stopping these super moving zombies from hearing a terrified Robert Neville Hyperventilating? Well these are just a few of the questions this movie left me with while I was watching. Obviously I know this is a science fiction, but as a producer, they need to recognize the line between realism and fantasy. Still, that up there is not what kills this movie. The movie is very enjoyable. It can even be categorized as a thriller if you want because of some unexpected screams and jumps. It's a fun movie to watch if your not looking for a well produced movie which is the predecessor to a well written book. Anyone who lives in New York will automatically feel at home seeing the abandoned Times Square. But what made this movie a piece of god forgivable trash is the ending. Honestly, when I saw the ending, I almost puked on my desk. There is absolutely NO CLOSURE! You find out NOTHING. Cliffhanger. He sacrifices himself even though he does not have to. In the last scene the zombie was cracking at the glass, and on the last crack before Robert foolishly sacrifices himself, the zombie cracked a hole big enough for Robert to throw the grenade into and run out with the lady and kid. We have no clue how they used the cure to restore New York City back to normal. They left New York in rubble. He should've died in his attempt to force the cure upon them all. He was Smart enough to plant stadium lights and bombs around his house while creating a cure for a virus that killed the earth 3 years ago, I believe he could've found a way to force the cure upon all these zombies and THEN sacrifice himself in a final attempt to Restore NYC and then officially gain his spot as a Legend. My final thought, flock this movie To make a movie like this was a waste of time if I've ever seen one. When you build up a movie like this, we need CLOSURE! This is NOT the 70s. Movies do not just end after we find out who the bad guy is or we find out "what" the cure is. In this Decade, we like to know WHAT happens afterwards. Would I recommend this movie someone I hang out with? Absolutely not, because I only associate myself with people who know better. Would I recommend this to anyone else? Sure, it's a good action/thriller and its an enjoyable movie. Those that cannot see Producer flock-ups and don't let the fact that the realistic factor in this movie is there but done wrong, will enjoy this movie. 4 Stars Out of 10
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