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  1. You missed the entire point of this thread too. The end.
  2. I was looking forward to it up until this gameplay video. The graphics are just not that good. That in itself doesn't matter, but when a next-gen project doesn't have good graphics it usually means the same corners were cut in every other design department. I'll wait for the demo.
  3. Those fresh and quality titles were from the Dreamcast era. It was already doomed due to the debacles before it- the DC itself was a good system with good games while it lasted.
  4. Oh... well that's unfortunate. I was looking forward to Quake Wars since I had skipped past the PC version last year... don't suppose I'll be getting it anyway now that I've looked into it a bit more. Not that I was considering the PS3 version, but it's still odd to see this kind of thing still happening.
  5. The Saturn early-release and then early-abandonment is the real issue. With the Dreamcast they did alright, both hardware- and software franchise-wise... it was just too late. The add-ons were poor marketing decisions and I'd almost consider the Saturn one big useless failure of an add-on, rather than a system of its own. It is the only one I've really had no interest in emulating.
  6. Uh-huh. It's coming out for both, but as to which will be the superior version, who knows. Devil May Cry 4 was pretty darn identical on both systems, with that little exception of the 20 min install on the PS3. Let's hope we get a good level of graphical parity this time round.
  7. I've never seen anything that can. I'd love it if someone knew of a way though.
  8. Well watch the gameplay videos and see what you think. There is going to be a lot more thinking in AitD than in RE4, but its nowhere near as clunky and slow as all the survival horror titles from last gen were.
  9. Stunning, no? Looks like taking on the zombie hordes with a handgun hasn't lost any of its appeal in the transition to next-gen.
  10. This one is completely different to the old ones, gameplay-wise and narratively speaking. I didn't much like the old ones.
  11. Alone in the Dark has me very interested. Ninja Gaiden maybe if I feel like blowing some cash.
  12. I say Sega dug its own grave with the Saturn. That's why I wouldn't support them going forward.
  13. I actually mentioned a dreamed event to a friend the other day, and they went along with it (possibly not knowing what I was talking about), and so I thought it actually happened. Then when I brought it up in a group situation, pretty certain it wasn't a dream, things got rather.. embarrassing. So yes, I know how that one feels.
  14. I haven't noticed a speed increase, but yeh everything is online again at least.
  15. Judging from the movie posters (Hitman?) it wasn't a recent trip.
  16. Story-wise, was it ever explained where Gill and Urien came from / where they got their powers? Since they live in those capsules and have millions of clones anyway, I would love it if they turned out to be Shadaloo Bio-Weapons, or decendants thereof or something. If they followed that line of thought in SF4, it would go to from just a 3d cash-in to an actually decent canon addition in my book. I'd love it if Seth looking like them wasn't just a coincidence.
  17. Well I called Seth Urien-esque when the first scan came round... now do any of these poses look familiar?
  18. Fei Long is my least favourite of the New Challengers. Cammy, T.Hawk and Dee Jay first, please, then Bruce. Seriously they weren't that high tier characters but they were all great designs. Fei Long's design was rather boring compared.
  19. English (United States) by default.
  20. Nintendo was extremely lucky they took off- both the DS and Wii were huge gambles, especially for the company that had been more or less in last place for the last 2 generations. Still, I stand by the systems' appeal being gimmicky. The DS has an incredible library to back it up though, not to mention the GBA library. The Wii on the other hand does not, and is still just Wii Tennis in my opinion.
  21. I was worrying about that with Yoda too, but half the moves in SC are vertical strikes, so presumably they'd adjust his vulnerable area so that most of those would still be able to land. At least I'm hoping isn't Gon 2.0...
  22. Too bad Firefox doesn't do much for your sh!tty grammar. 'Its' lacks the apostrophe of possession, because 'it's' literally means 'it is'. Here again. Let us? Someone who apparently missed out on grade school should be a tad nicer, don't you think? Also beta should only have one set of quotation marks; 'beta'. Doubles are meant for direct quotes, not implied paraphrases, which is how you used the word just then. Try being less pompous and critical next time. This is the internet ffs.
  23. Odin Sphere, Soul Nomad and their skill tester / claw machines convince me Atlus can win at everything.
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