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  1. Apparently his efforts were not properly rewarded- Tomonobu Itagaki, creator of Dead or Alive and the new Ninja Gaiden series has left Tecmo and renounced control over said franchises. Anyone who knows the guy knows he is quite a character. Trust him to go out in a blaze of glory by not only resigning, but also suing his company. Just to put this in some context, 'bonuses' are a big deal in Japan and often amount to 3-4 months pay, in some cases upto 45% of the yearly wage, or contract amount. Considering the contract for the creation of Dead or Alive 4, the unpaid sum would probably be quite significant. It's all a shame- I was looking forward to Ninja Gaiden 2 and will miss Itagaki and his crazy-ass games. Until recently he and his Team Ninja were the Japanese support for the Xbox brand, making this an even bigger loss.
  2. I love the MGS story, but as for how it is directed, the long, sloppy indulgent crap that passes for Kojima's 'direction' would never make its way film. And why is it the almighty PS3 showcase? Because the PS3 has nothing else. Can you please stop using this word at the mention of any PS3 criticism, please?
  3. Shame, they have CG vids for Chun and Viper, new characters like Sagat, Bison, Abel... Seth ffs... and they show Blanka and the original teaser in this. Why?
  4. And neither an In-game XMB nor unified friends lists do Xbox Lives make Sony, online, isn't even close.
  5. Every DC unit in circulation can play backups. The rumours about drives and release dates were proven false.
  6. Please discuss in existing thread; http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...opic=27561& Closed.
  7. A review I read mentioned there are, but not as many as in Black / with the Hurricane Packs.
  8. It's the size that's the issue here... but I still wouldn't give the EEEPC the time of day once the Mini-Note gets Atoms too.
  9. There is no Spring Update, but Microsoft is releasing a separate tool for remanaging your DRM.
  10. The difficulty is meant to be similar to the original. The story is canon, also. It's a real sequel.
  11. They're just standard 'Memory Stick Duo's. So you can get Sandisk branded ones (they're cheaper), or whatever you like. You might even have one lying around that was bought for a Sony camera or something.
  12. On the save issue, you can always put the PSP in sleep mode, which uses up almost no charge as compared to the DS's sleep mode.
  13. I feel the opposite way. When I have to blow into the machine to dust off prints for Ema Skye, and I'm sitting on a train with people watching, I feel like an ass. On the other hand, when I am playing some beast like Tekken with awesome graphics on a slick looking machine, I don't mind doing that in public. Why exactly can't the PSP go places?
  14. We can get it as DLC this time, instead of shelling out for a new disc. So I hope there are 3 or 4 expansions this time, more than before.
  15. And it didn't kill the PSX, PS2 and X360? In fact, piracy DID kill the N64 because you can't PIRATE it. That's the only console killed by piracy. Difference here is, Dreamcast was the only system of the bunch that didnt need any sort of Modding to play Pirated games. THey figured GD-ROMS were enough protection. SO everyone was burning games left and right. Barely any profit for Sega or the developers. People say that, but piracy was not what killed the Dreamcast. Hell, people weren't even sure which machines could boot backups until long after the system was dead.
  16. Game DLC works differently. The DRM attached has its own rules for whether you have to be online or not. The Xtreme Legends expansion pack DLC for Samurai Warriors 2, for example, needs me signed into my account and online at all times to play it, even though I bought it on the same machine witht he same ID. If I'm not connected the game minus the expansion loads when you insert the disc.
  17. Oh yeh, I agree not having a HDD of some sort in the machine was just stupid. Luckily 4GB sticks are pretty cheap now, as compared with 2 years ago when I bought mine :/ As for the patching, all the latest consoles do it- PS3, 360 and Wii. iPhones, Zens, Zunes all do it. The only thing on the market that doesn't update firmware is the DS.
  18. Got a source on that? Last I checked the change list of any 4.00+ firmware haven't been revealed yet.
  19. She still is a ninja. She ninja-d the guy's house.
  20. Get whatever is the cheapest at Radioshack. I actually use a 'Radioshack' branded one I got at a local electronics store and it works fine. As far as I can tell on the SD display I use it with, there is no picture quality loss.
  21. Huh? What's a built-in save? You mean like state-saves? You can always put the system to sleep... No flip screen, well you could tell that from the box. And as for patching the system its something that everything does nowadays. It's a way of getting new features and fixing bugs... I don't see what's wrong with that. Also Patapon isn't the best game to get a feel for the PSP with.
  22. For this kind of thing I must be a 2D whore. I really loved the 4-6GBA versions and the higher-detail PSP ports of 1 and 2. But with 3 on the DS... i figure such low-res, low-poly 3D models would be much better off as decent looking sprites. I was not a fan of that remake, and will likely not bother with this one either.
  23. What about it flopped? Sure a lot changed and there were less Musou modes but I kinda expected as much and didn't mind. There'll be XL as DLC soon anyway so it's not all bad. Personally I thought the graphics for that one were a bit sub-par.
  24. It's because of the amount of processing power needed to decode these streams that the handheld device simply doesn't have, or simply doesn't have the battery life to sustain. Most, if not all, portable devices playback H.264 / AVC video because it is one of the least strenuous formats to decode, especially at the SD, low-res end of things. Your friend is so mistaken on so many levels it's not funny.
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