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  1. Why the PS3 stick over this one for the PC? All XBOX controllers work straight through the USB with just a single driver needed.
  2. That was confirmed as an exaggeration. There is not a single 90-min cutscene in the game. Not even the ending is that long.
  3. I will have to be going used, and looking for something in my price range, but just wanted to know what people thought were the better models. Thanks, I will start looking at a few Golfs and Civics then.
  4. I'm from Australia so if I were to go and get MGS4 it would cost me, give or take, $700AUD since we don't have a bundle on release date... maybe one will appear later but who knows.
  5. Anyone have any rough preferences for small hatch cars like Corollas, Pulsars, Golfs.. etc? Beyond GT4 I don't know anything about cars and will need to get a late-90s/early-2000s model of one of the cars in that kind of range. If anyone has ideas to throw out there I'd appreciate them.
  6. Hori makes some of the best stock arcade stick peripherals around and has two main product lines; the 'Fighting Stick' and the 'Real Arcade Pro'. Up until now, there had only been a Fighting Stick version for the 360, but now they are planning on releasing a HRAP EX next month. It will cost 12,000 yen ($114USD, $123AUD) when it hits, July 10. Here's a look at the thing; Now SF4 has been confirmed as getting a limited edition 'arcade perfect' stick on release, but really you can't go wrong with a HRAP. Actually, now I'm thinking I'm glad I never picked up one of the VF5 sticks I guess the only question now is, Is it wireless? You can pre-order the item from Play-Asia here. Source: Siliconera
  7. Guys use POPS Loader to load old PortablePlayStation versions without needing to downgrade.
  8. Got a Fat PSP? Create a folder called PSP/GAME150 folder and put all your 1.50 homebrew in that, instead of the usual PSP/GAME folder. Anything in GAME150 runs with the 1.50 kernel, so it's good for all the apps that were designed for 1.50.
  9. The files need to be in a folder with a short name (try and keep it real short, no spaces), inside your PSP/GAME folder. That error is almost always to do with the files not being int he right place.
  10. I just listened to the track 'Metal Gear Saga' from the OST. I want this game. Hell. I have a feeling I'm going to do something stupid on June 12.
  11. I meant to say 6 months but MGS4 is really all that's that big. Is FFXIII even coming this year in English? GT5 is another good one but that's not a 2008 title either. Also I dunno how or why they hype Killzone 2 up when Killzone 1 was such a bomb. That said, the 360 doesn't have any AAA exclusives left this year either does it?
  12. Personally I've had PlayStation branded machines for more than the last 10 years. I ignored the 360 for almost 2 years just because I was waiting for the PS3 to pick up its games, drop its price and all that. But it didn't. I don't hate on the machine so much as I'm disappointed with it. I'd love to play MGS4 and Tekken 6 and I'd love Sony to do something to help convince me to buy the thing. That's why it annoys me everytime its complex innards result in a game being delayed or running worse than on the 360, and everytime something like Home or the XMB gets talked up when its still playing catchup in terms of functionality. So yeh I'm platform agnostic and would like to own both. The problem is whenever one of these topics comes up, it is just so much easier to take the 360's side- right now it is just wiping the floor with the PS3 in every regard. Let's see if that changes in the next 3 months.
  13. He means the 2nd one he suggested, not the 2nd one (Wiz's one) that suggested he die. But I'm all for chibi dieing a painful death. I hate that sh!t.
  14. Hand bra w/ slips? Photobucket deletes anything I put up with nipples though. Should change that to semi-topless.
  15. I liked my SMS better than my Saturn. Since the SMS is dead now, I suppose I could get kicks by using this. Thanks for the news.
  16. She's actually gone into softer 'gravure' (?) stuff as compared with some of the topless race queen stuff she'd done before.
  17. Also Teck maybe you should think through your posts a bit more... I'd hate to have to put that down as an off topic personal attack there.
  18. What's your point.. ? I just asked you not to. Why? Because it makes you seem the biggest fanboy here.
  19. By the way, the Ninja Gaiden 2 demo is up everywhere but the US, Canada, India and Germany.
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