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  1. WTF? Games go in MS0:\ISO\ Saves go in MS0:\PSP\SAVEDATA\XXXXXXXX\ Plugins go in MS0:\SEPLUGINS\
  2. The NTSC-J one comes with Xtreme Legends on the disc, but they charge you $40AUD for the DLC for the English version. Boo to that. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-dw-77-...rs-70-2m9w.html
  3. Nah I won't be getting a PS3, but Fatal has told me before that he will probably get one at some point. So he should definitely look forward to the port. Yeh you should come back again- all the DR machines at the arcade we went to have been replaced by badass HD T6 cabs.
  4. I played the hell out of DW4 back in the day, but then the XL and Empires came out and I got bored of the series before DW5. They are more interesting characters this time round. Lol at Oichi fighting with a cup and ball, and Hanzo looking just like Sub-Zero from MKD I think Kotaro Fuma is the cooler ninja in the game however. Btw, the Xtreme Legends expansion is up on Live for 2400MSP. Think its worth it? I'm waiting till I finish all the standard Musou modes to decide whether to get it or not.
  5. I've lightened up on the whole Tekken 6 thing. Been playing it every week and its really not that bad. I don't like what they've done to Bruce- his new Muay Thai 'stance' mixups are a waste of time- but Feng and Dragunov (my other 2) got some nice new toys. The graphics are still disappointing, but it really could have been worse. The hit effects and SFX are awesome though. Finally I can beat Azazel... now just working on that massive robot creep. Got her down to 10% once. Not that its a convenient game to go and play atm, but look forward to the PS3 release of it.
  6. You're crazy. Whats different from MHF1 to MHF2? I really struggled on that first one. I've been playing Samurai Warriors 2 and getting into the heavily romanticised version of Japanese history. Thanks again for that
  7. Virtua Fighter. Apart from a statue boss, what's unrealistic there? Also both Tekken and VF attempt to make it look like real people are fighting, not dolls.
  8. I thought you were joking. The art style is cartoon-y. There's no blood. Ninja characters can do 'magic'. Most of the fighting styles are represented poorly / made up altogether. Incredible strength of the stick-skinny female characters. Excessive violence, smashing through walls etc. There's a T-Rex ffs. You could say a few of those things carry over to Tekken or VF or whatever, but not all of them.
  9. Well, the ludicrous endings in DoA4 contain very little realism~ Neither physically nor conceptually
  10. SMS is the best. The newest version even supports MKVs.
  11. That is usually copied over from the BASE.PBP if you don't specify one yourself.
  12. The countering got a lot harder to do. Good thing? Yeh sure, except the brutal CPU spams the hell out of it, and even on the easiest selectable setting the game is wayy too hard. The single player is where you unlock everything after all.
  13. Also try to keep the name short- less than 10 characters.
  14. Adventures of Batman & Robin Golden Axe err... gimme a sec
  15. Itagaki is an idiot. He already announced Dead or Alive 5 at the Dead or Alive 10th Anniversary event. Also, he achieved the definitive casual fighter in DoA3- no questions about it. DoA4 was just flocked up.
  16. What format are the Persona 1 & 2 ISOs you're trying to convert?
  17. That's when and where I got it from. It was still labeled like that though. I got it when that sale started.
  18. How does Sega Rally 'Revo' (rest its soul) factor into the numbering?
  19. To Pounds its roughly 2.5:1, so 40 pounds roughly equals $100AUD. By comparison US Dollars are 1.10:1, meaning $110AUD is like $100USD. Crazy by any standards by I do remember new games in England going for 40 pounds, so its roughly comparable, but still ridiculous.
  20. Check the price; Thank heavens I didn't have to pay that much but seriously $109.95? Wtf? On another note, Assassin's Creed must have some sort of record for me- it sat on my shelf for a week or so without me even opening the plastic seal.
  21. It is definitely a step down from the PS2 games no matter how you look at it.
  22. I've always found those things fascinating but in answer to your question, no I don't know of any sites devoted solely to that. My first port of call is usually a message board, say, GameFAQs, where there's usually a million threads asking 'what's the difference'. Hardcore Gaming 101 usually also does a good job of getting into all those things, but its not like they cover a lot of games or franchises in the grand scheme of things and not as though many of them are new / current.
  23. Left 4 Dead does look like it could be quite good or quite bad. I am liking the idea of playing as a boss and taking on a team of co-op players. It might get old, but for now sounds like great fun.
  24. Mine's also set to friends only. And I strictly only have people I know in real life.
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