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  1. I dunno... they're getting that Red Indian (excuse my French) to play Vega, when he is a dead ringer for a T.Hawk character. So personally I think casting is dragging their ass, and I wouldn't put it past them.
  2. They do mean Duncan will be playing Boxer Bison, not Raul Julia Bison, right? Or maybe they're going for an Alpha-style chunky Bison ? lol.
  3. Okok let's get back to the topic, which is SoulCalibur IV, not console debates please. My fault for titling the thread like I did, but this is only going to end up getting locked if it stays a PS3 vs 360 war.
  4. Things like the cover system could definitely be improved, but it is overall an above average game. Plus if you get on Live you can play the whole campaign co-op, drop in, drop out. Which is a lot more fun.
  5. All the changes sound good to me. Thank heavens the less-clunky cover system is actually listed as a dot point. Source: http://www.jeux-france.com/news27614.html Image: [1]
  6. I love Sega to death. But, seeing how easy it is to fall behind in the console war, even if they came out with a Dreamcast 2, I don't think there'd be a lot of dev support, and I'm not even sure I'd buy one despite loving Sega to death.
  7. That version of GTA is region locked to NTSC-J and PAL, just not NTSC-U. I have a PAL machine.
  8. None announced, but there will probably be one 6 months afterward. It's a news thread, punk. And if a little slowdown could be fixed in a few weeks, we wouldn't have had the PS3 Orange Box a month late and still terrible. And what do you mean limited time? 360 has Yoda, PS3 has Vader. Live with it and stop being an xbot. I mean those exclusive characters and more 'guest characters' will come as DLC to both systems down the track. Why getting so touchy? Feeling that without Vader you're going to have a tougher time justifying that massive brick of a purchase? PS3 will have MGS4 and little else. Live with that. This wasn't a fanboy thread, but you PS3 campers sure get upset easily. Where's the hate? Did I make this up, or sneak into the Namco offices and sabotage the PS3 port? I'm as surprised as anyone else at this and just reporting the news. Sheesh. Get lives. That hurts Agozer
  9. I dunno what you're getting at... if companies like Sega or Atari could be in the race, they would be. Sony and Microsoft are the only ones who can compete in this generation. I dunno what magic spells Nintendo cooked up to get their foot in, this time, but their abysmal attach rates, casual games, and 1st-party dominance are going to burn all the people who thought the Wii sales figures were impressive. That goes for consumers and developers. Nintendo needs to GTFO.
  10. That depends on how many posts you view per page in your My Controls. For example, they are 2 posts, one after the other for me, on the 2nd page of this thread Are you holding out much hope for this game though?
  11. I don't mean to start a fanboy thing about this, but I'm surprised that a Namco game would be developed for the 360 and ported over, and not the other way around. There are less than 60 days until this game is on shelves, so really they don't have all that much time to do anything about 'significant' problems that are still around now. Anyway, here's a vid of Vader, in HD. He's still one good thing the PS3 has under its belt, even if only for a limited time. Source: http://au.ps3.ign.com/articles/876/876773p...mp;RSSid=876773
  12. What were your first impressions? Mine weren't great, but having finished the game, I don't regret sinking 20 or so hours into it. I also finally got GTAIV. NTSC-J, English and uncut. Now I can pay hookers for some sexual debauchery in the back seat of my stolen ride. Just thinking about it makes me feel badass.
  13. You reposted the same pics? The MK team always has amazing concept art. Their in-game visuals usually lack though. I'd wait for vids / gameplay screens before making comments.
  14. Awesome. A Urien-esque beast cyborg, head of Shadloo's weapons division. Source: http://videogamerx.gamedonga.co.kr/zbxe/894193#2
  15. Here you go; http://au.xbox360.ign.com/articles/876/876865p1.html
  16. Finally confirmed for the 360, PS3 and also surprisingly for the PC. ...but who / what the hell is Rufus?
  17. That's a convenient way of looking at it. You could say both are just social structures- one organising itself under their ranking superior, and the other under their god. In any case I'd agree if he received an order from an officer to do what he did- then it would find its way up the chain of command and you could blame the whole thing on the US military. But he didn't- he went off and did something questionable on his own. He shouldn't stand for the entire US population, or even just the Army- he acted on his own. That's the beginning and end of it. Actions of whoever shouldn't be able to be cast over their religion / nationality or whatever group affiliations they might have. You mentioned the Japanese but the same thing happened here (Australia) with all those 'stolen generation' issues. I don't feel any responsibility for what British colonists did more than 100 years ago, and don't believe my head of state should formally apologise for them on my behalf. I've done nothing wrong. The US brass, I think, has a right to feel the same way. Then again, while we're apologising, what about the countless terrorist acts that various Islamic groups have claimed responsibility for? Demanding a 'sorry' from an officer for this GI shooting up a book would be just as ridiculous as any authoritative figure in the Islamic church being required to apologise for any of the countless bombings over the last 10 years. Despite this statement being charged with more than a tinge of sarcasm, it is plainly antagonistic toward everyone who offered their views in this thread. That said; If you come in here and take a sarcastic cheap shot at everyone on the other side of the religious fence, you should expect the same sarcasm and impertinence in a response. Or should people with 'Staff' attached to their names not be held to the same politically-correct standards as Mods?
  18. It was so good, I played halfway through the controls tutorial and then turned it off.
  19. He never specified Iraqis. He said Muslims, the vocal Muslims, call for blood. And they do. For every little thing. It's all about symbolism with them, or so it would seem. Muslims being slaughtered out in the desert? Meh- war's war. But draw our prophet or shoot our holy work and we'll kick up a stink about it. Who disrespects them? The entire US military? No. Just the one soldier. Why should the institution apologise on his behalf? Oh wait a second... Are you now taking the view that the act of the individual is entirely representative of the group? If so, who cares that you don't call for blood? Who cares if not all Muslims are the same? The vocal ones who cause a ruckus in the media and the ones who fly planes into towers should be enough of a basis for us to judge them all. Right? And they all speak for Chistianity, do they? Choose a position and stick to it, ffs. If you want to walk into a thread with this pissy knee-jerk disgruntled Muslim thing going on, don't shoot down people. Especially the more reasonable ones. Oath. If this whole incident proves anything, its that the Muslims with big mouths are a touchy bunch. Exhibit 3 billion and 1; Mr. Yagami here. Maybe. Or maybe you should stay. Islam could always use more martyrs, right?
  20. You know that is a terribly uninformed statement, and the actual reasons behind things. Why argue the point?
  21. Out of curiousity- what firmware version is your PSP?
  22. Nah but I've decided to just go out and get the lame AU version. Can do that anytime. What's the multiplayer like? Have not tried it. Not sure how it will play out. I have gone ahead and ordered the uncut version NTSC-J - same as you. I'll let you know when it arrives Can't wait to do the cops n robbers thing.
  23. Inside the CWCHEAT RAR you download there's a folder called INSTALL, then one called seplugins. See it? Copy everything inside that into your seplugins folder. Then turn off the PSP, hold the R button and turn it back on. At the recovery menu that comes up, go Plugins, and then enable all the cheat prxs that are listed there. Finally turn on your game and hold Select to bring up the CWCheat menu.
  24. You need to create folders with those names. ISO\ for games. SEPLUGINS\ for plugins. CWCheat also has its own folder inside SEPLUGINS.
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