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  1. my thoughts exactly...when i forst heard that the parents had already sued JC Penny for the exact same crime they accused of MJ...the tables began to turn ever so slightly...he will not get convicted...but i belive they should ake this oppertunity to get him some help of some kind or another.
  2. I know...well...i'm buyt the VHS's of all its episodes...they never came out with the DVD...i should have probably said that better...but i still think it;s gay that Nick took it off...and i don't watch the station aynmore...haven't in while..i think i'll just stick w. Ed, Edd, and Eddy:p
  3. Let me add in a very personal opinion: Really...MJ is a frail little wimp...and IF he had attempted to molest the kid...the kid is 13 YEARS OLD! 13 year old, Micheal Jackson...who would win, hm?
  4. I tell what i think: M.J. is a very distured little boy...as a young boy, he loved Disney...absolutley loved it..and his favorite was Peter Pan (in fact, him and Jane Fonda were going to make a Peter Pan movie). He is a child...a child that does not understand that he is an adult and he can't just have children sleep in the same bed with him. He cares ALOT for children..but M.j. is sick...in the head..not with children. Also..the people suing him right now for molesting their child, had also sued J.C. Penny once for the same crime (but it wasn't M.j.) And also, why, if these parents are fully knowing about M.J's mental stability, are letting their child sleep in the same bed with him? FULLY KNOWING THIS? I believe the parents should be arrested, or punished in some way for having their head up their ass! MY CONCLUSION: Michael Jackson is not a child molestor...just mentally unstable, and should get some counciling..he is a child...and as a child...he is stubborn, and cannot take full responcibility of himself, and if he can't do that...then he certainly can't take care eof his children.
  5. but who the HELL wants to watch their damn 3 hour block of Rugrats, EVERY flockING DAY!? pardon my French, but...I DON"T GIVE A RAT'S ASS ABOUT THE SAME DAMN CARTOON, THAT DIDN'T SUCK, UNTIL IT DECIDED TO MAKE A MOVIE..and then have Dil..and then have the French girl, which is twice as dumb...it makes my blood boil just thinking aobut it...NO CARTOON DEPREVATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!
  6. for one thing, i'm not 8...if you want my real age..you gotta ask. That's all...
  7. I would seriously like to know why Nickelodeon decided that Rocko should only be played at U-Pick. They f*!@en cut off my favorite show, those bastards! Tell us what you thought about that show.
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