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  1. I Clearly Rembered That In My Local Arcade,There Is A SNK Vs Capcom Or Snk Vs Capcom EO.I m Trying To Find That ROM But No Avail.So Any Help Will Be Apreciated. Tidus
  2. Me--------->Nothing Cause No One Send Christmas To Me Hope To Receive 1 In 1Emulation Oh Well
  3. Help.I cannot run any PSX emu on my computer.I have tried ePSXe,AdriPSX and others.Can Someone help to find a XP PSX emu?
  4. No,But I Think After A Few Days Or A Month The Trail IS Over,You Have To Pay For It. Hope That Helps.
  5. Hey GC,When U D/L The Zip(The ON eI m Downloading)Is It A BIO?If It Is,Do I Need To Drag The BIO Into The NRX File? Thx
  6. Hey James What Do U Click On The sVc Page?
  7. Need The Animal Song By Savage Garden.Had Been lookin' for it for the pass 2 months.Thx =)(No Midi I Want MP3)
  8. I HAve Sore Eyes,Cause (My Holidays Is Now)Everyday I Play Computer =P
  9. Yup,the one who give me the link is called ReyVGM,he and his stupid Video Game museum,But anyone had a zip SS5?
  10. I Have personally seen this on GBAtemp and find it funny.Beg,beg and beg.
  11. Lol,Thats Funny.ME! Is Going to beatcha if he see this.
  12. I m not too sure,maybe thats a virus GC?
  13. Urgh,I Will Wait Until A Zip File Is Coming Out,Cause Last Time I Asked One Who Had t HE Give Me A Link To A Gay Site.Urgh...
  14. Yay,The Game,Max Payne Is Out.Grab It While U Can! The Link Is In My Sig.
  15. Hey,It Look's Like Monster Rancher Advance 2 Joker.Funny,Fake Ghost.Why Would The Man Try To Act As A Ghost?
  16. No,I Don't Get Pres,We Barbeque,Thats All(Still BBQing...)
  17. Er...The One Holding The iPod Is U?
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