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How old are you guys?

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    Emsley here. That's right.

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Weirdanzeige thats funny dude.

Oh yeah as for the chick in the sig...



At the time i was been offered a choclate bar but i was told to dance for it so i did.
I was a happy bouncy girl for my choclate bar that day!!!



    Amateur Suicide Pilot

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Will be 20 in a few days...

You need to dance better to get that choco bar.



    Into The Wonderful - Amiga is forever

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I'm 22, yet everyone says I look like a teenager, and act like a toddler.



    Goddess † NetOp

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i have yet to meet a girl in real life who plays videogames (solitaire and bejewelled do not count).  therefore these mythical gamer girls are no more real than 'unicorns' or 'egyptians'.

Again,thats rubbish.

Many play Rpgs,puzzlers,platformers...

Umm the egyptians were real,what are you talking about?
The pyramids didnt build themseves.

its called sarcasm. and please, dont be offended, i just happens that i LIKE girls.

I apologise.

It's just when i first started posting on emu forums i had to put up with so much guff from male players i became overly defensive.I did'nt mean to come across as rude.

random guy

random guy

    What the hell are YOU staring at?

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    BASS guitar.
Hmm..and I thought I was the oldest person here at 20!

I notice gamecop still hasn't posted here yet...I must admit to being curious :D



    Teh Vempyr Slayer

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Hmm..and I thought I was the oldest person here at 20!

I notice gamecop still hasn't posted here yet...I must admit to being curious ;)

yeah, i hadnt noticed it too.. :D

Fatal Rose

Fatal Rose

    Societal stigma

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Sorry for bring back this old thread, anyways just in case anyone missed it the first time or if you are new to this forum post your age here.

PS. GameCop how old are you?



    Netherworld Ninja

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I'm 21 and been with emulation 7 or more years. I really haven't seen many girl gamers and the ones I've seen really aren't that good. Not that there aren't any, but I've never went against any that could beat me.


Weirdy like a box of chocolates

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again, I'm 16



    Proud Fan

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Almost 23.....more beer on my B-day!!! :lol: MMMMMMMM



    Mort Sci Guy

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    Mobile Devices
21 in June.

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