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  1. Sup everybody! I haven't posted on here in a while cuz of summer school.... by the way, Anatomy and Physiology sucks ass!! Anyway, I don't know if anyone has seen this matrix pong video, but it's tight as hell. The Doctor showed this in class today and I had to see what you guys think. These guys must have practiced so long to do this..... http://www.megaspin.net/media/movies/matrixpong.wmv
  2. That batmobile looks like it's gonna turn into a dinosaur and eat some demolition derby cars! The movie on the other hand has a nice cast and might prove decent....
  3. Oh yeah, besides studying for respiratory therapist, I'm a certified free-lance gynecologist!
  4. That's pretty sweet Gryph. It's cool knowing someone else here is going to be in the medical field. Stay up! Good luck!
  5. I'm taking Excel that's a requisite for the Respiratory Therapy program I'm taking. Man I hope I pass this and my anatomy class this summer, there's a lot to cram and then I start the actual program in September. What about you guys? Oh and i still live by my rep, still gettin' my burrdrankin' on!!
  6. Oops...My bad, maybe I need another english class too.....
  7. Nah....I just feel I don't need it. If I really needed to use it I could probably figure it out. It's not rocket science....
  8. Isn't Special K animal tranculizer?....You know people take it to get a high...kind of like Will Ferrell in Old School. "You gotta f*ckin' dart in your neck!"
  9. I'm trying, but I have to take this stupid Excel course and the teacher is an absolute yawn...zzzzzzzzzz
  10. Oops....I thought SF3 was done on a Naomi board?
  11. Thatn would be cool...they should make one that translates all different kinds of profanity. Pinchy Baboso!!!
  12. Dope!! It's about time Naomi gets done......bring on 3rd strike....
  13. Christ, I hate tests n sh*t!! Right now I'm at school getting bored to death.....Somebody wake me please!!!!!
  14. Happy Anniversary 1emu!! That's crazy cuz the June 12th was my B-day. Let's keep this place going even longer. This is the only forum I post on and the best one as well!! Stay up!
  15. Go get your swerve on with some nice hottie and be sure to wrap it up like Gryph said.
  16. Why you apologizing now? I'm lost. Anyway, in the that one topic Gamecop closed, I just wanted to say thanks! I never saw any female wearing such a scantley bikini before that link.
  17. That's true, and sucks mad-balls!! This KOF doesn't even look half as good as say Street Fighter III.
  18. Looks the same other than the backgrounds. I'm not that impressed at a glance....
  19. I like the tribal skull, the biohazard is cool too. Where's the naked chick or marijuana leaf version?
  20. If you have a chance hit that sh*t. Go to the movies and pull the *surprise in the popcorn* trick from Dave Chappelle show.
  21. Sounds tight, I'd tie up my ex-boss and aim at him for a day.
  22. I eat chinese and sushi religiouslly. I love mexican food too though cuz I'm mexican.Of course I love it too when the fam gets together and we cook up every mexican dish there is....dear god I'm getting excited just thinking about it!!! Somebody hold me down!!!
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