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  1. Well, Nero images come in two different formats: DAO and TAO. Personally, I can't burn DAO images, so I have to burn them as RAW SAO in Alcohol 120%. Daemon Tools or some other image mounting program is the only way you can convert (by ripping the mounted image) to different formats. You don't have to do that either as you can just copy the mounted image like you would a normal CD.
  2. I think MicroAngelo has support for creating/editing icon files. All else fails, just grab MS Visual Studio. You can create icons within the resource editor. Of course that's the complicated method.
  3. The audio is either in XA format (I believe that's the PSX format) or it's after the ISO as CDDA. I don't know about WinISO, but CDRWin can rip the CDDA files. If you search for PSF files, like Agozer suggested, you may not have to do any ripping yourself.
  4. Bob, is that a Windows CE game or have CDDA in the bin file? If it was the first, you could use the /nohack option. If the image had CDDA, you need the bin2boot that supports CDDA and binchunker if it was in the bin file. You would have to make a new cue sheet for the ISO and WAV files, but bin2boot would still work.
  5. You can also get the images, IIRC, from MegaGames. Your best bet for find the CB is to actually buy it. Also, the codes should work since the versions aren't all that different, AFAIK. There's a CB/Xploder to GS/PAR code converter available at GameShark Central. At least it was last I checked. I can't vouch for it since I haven't used it, but it does definitely decrypt the codes (GS to CB).
  6. I saw Styrofoam's post on RomShare that it was coming out a while back. I gotta check out that video (at college right now). How does this game play? I personally haven't heard much about it other than it was shelved.
  7. :) Cheap shot, but still funny. Too bad you can't upload it to his MSN account. If you were feeling especially cruel, you could sign him for gay newsletters and/or adult services (if you know what I mean).
  8. Well, I've gotten it to give me the same screen that Nebual does when it load KoF 2k3. But like Agozer said, I'm pretty sure it doesn't really run those roms (that's what most people have reported at least). Technically, these 4.2, 4.4, and 4.5 releases are part of 1.0. Weird...
  9. I kinda wished it was. It would save me the time of searching.
  10. Cominus, certain Dreamcasts can't read audio/data images. There are no mod-chips to work around this. You should've extracted the bin file using CDIRip. How many bin files do you have and what are there names?
  11. CUE sheets can be used with ISO images. The only point for a CUE sheet with an ISO is if you're burning ISO and WAV or MP3. BTW, CDRWin doesn't support burning MP3s in a CUE, AFAIK, but Nero does. If you have the CUE sheet and BIN file, you can grab bin2boot to make it into an autoboot image (CDI to be precise).
  12. It's not the Utopia boot disc that's needed. It's another disc that you can use to trick the CB/Xploder in to playing burned games. Otherwise, it normally won't play them.
  13. Have you tried bin2boot? Just make a regular ISO image out of the files and bin2boot should do the rest. To get a proper IP.BIN check out MegaGames or Boob! for the Dextrose IP.BIN creator tool. I don't know about Boob!, but I know for a fact that MegaGames has the tool (in the Console Fixes section).
  14. Code Breaker, IIRC, doesn't support burned games, if that's your problem. You'll need a bootloader for that. It used to be on the Game Software Code Creators Club's site, but isn't any longer. I once saw a CB w/ loader post on Usenet at alt.binaries.cd.image(s).dreamcast (not sure if it's image or images). I'm pretty sure it's not there. In the nfo file, though, the author stated that they made it for http://www.pso-cheats.com (I think that's the site). You may want to check them out or make a request for it in the afformentioned newsgroup.
  15. I don't think IsoBuster can read those kinds of Nero images or at least it was like that last I checked. You could use CDMage (beta) as it supports it. AFAIK, there are no Nero to CDI converters. There is a tool that works the other way around or in other words, a CDI to Nero converter (called CDI2Nero in fact). Either use Alcohol 120% (supports all/most image formats) or Daemon Tools (ditto, but doesn't burn them) and your favorite CD copy program.
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