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King of Fighters Special Editon 2004


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Ive been watching this thing for the last 4 days or so, just wondering if anyone knows anything about this thing?


A lot of us suspect a hacked up 2002 but were not really sure if its even real.




there's a stage with some (cruisin the world style) bikini chicks in the background......




more pics







thoughts, impressions?

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i have kof2004EX hero is that the same? i think mine is a hack of kof2003

Well you would be the only one that could say if its the same.........ive provided about what..............i dunno.........SIX images to decide?


c'mon man.


*edit* oops.......was i supposed to say "OH MY GOD!, YOU HAVE 2004EX!! OH NOZ WHERE CAN I GETZ ITZ? TEH ROMZ!? ME MUST HAVE IT!"??


were you really asking if what i showed is what you have? Or was it merely a post to say you have what you say you have?


cuz like i said.........i posted 6 images which you could easily figure out if it is something you have or not.



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