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King of Fighters Special Editon 2004


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Another hack indeed, did you see the name of the company on the screenshot above? It said 'Dragon'. Not SNK or Playmore.

At least it doesn't try to hide the fact that it's a hack, like some hacks do. :P


There was a time when I was quite curious about hacks, but CTHD2003 killed that. :/

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lol you silly rabbits! I wasnt asking if it was a hack. Ofcourse its a hack.......the question is if it was an actual cart. Ive since seen the light and it was an actual cart for MVS system that has been sold and verified to run on MVS hardware.


the only question is when will we all get to try this one out as it has naked girls with full frontal nudity!


the guy that bought the cart (yeah he must be bored with his millions or something) says its a much cleaner job than the CTHD crap that was released.

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Sure, I understood that you wanted to know, but the conversation drifted.


Getting these hacks on cart is really not even hard, so I don't see why these hacks shouldn't exist on carts; even though they aren't widely available.

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lol, hacks are certainly copyrighted :huh: The original game itself (be it kof2002, or kof2001 in cthd2003's cast) is most definitely still copyrighted by SNK.

The company that hacked the original game certainly violated snk's copyrights in doing so :(

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