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King of Fighters Special Editon 2004


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I got to say it's just sad how the person is trying to sell a megen base game on e-bay for money... Come on... for money that is just plain lame and weak. I remember once i was really trying to download cthd2003 becasue i thought it was base on the movie but then when i finally download it. It was a mugen base game of kof characters and to say it in not so of a mean ass way... i was very very disapponited. :lol:


Yeah, the same thing happened to me when I saw CTHD2003. But these aren't MUGEN based games, these are just pure hacks of that actual ROM.

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It is nice to see how much work they put into hacks some are alot better than those who hacked kof2003 and called it kof2004 hero EX.

I would have to agree, but alas, they're still hacks. :)

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