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its some shishenpuded or something in japanese but when translated it goes to Hurricane Cronicles...something about naruto and mastering wind..


Yea but I won't say much more :P.

ANyone who read the manga will know why :)

Especially the latest chapter :thumbsup1::D:thumbsup1:

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anyone reach the latest manga chapter yet? Like some thoughts and a few discussion.





HOLY SHIIT! naruto is officially the best manga I read ever in my life. The plot is so good and it always caught be by suprise. Ok at first, I thought the Sakura vs Saori fight was something great to start off the series but then more akatsuki members starting to involve into the plot and things became too chaotic or too good. Let see, Naruto's new jutsu. I can't say anything but daaaaaaaaaaaaayum. The oodama rasengan wasn't as impressive really. But this new jutsu is just too good to be seen (hopefully the anime can portrait the animation fluid to express the level of power of his jutsu). Back to akatsuki, I was just wowed by the power of the two akatsuki members: First, Hidan! damn religious freak the technique he uses to kill off his members are just too weird but damn cool to see. He did admit himself to be the weakest/slowest akatsuki member so that explains why Shikamaru put him away forever (ffs! is this guy really immortal?). Second, Kakuzu! goddamn, this is one messed up ninja, way messed up than Orochi's power to gain immortality. YES goddamn both of them are immortality through the use of their power but Kakuzu was exploited and killed off (yay). I wasn't so upset about Asuma's death but I guess it was a terrible lost but I see that Shikamaru is trying to become the way Asuma is (explains the smoking lol!).


Ok that got out of the way, so the latest chapter was a suprise. Sasuke finally jumped the gun and pretty much betrayed Orochi's plan/his promise. Guess that's a good thing, DAMN the chapter ended when that happens. It looks like an upcoming fight between Sasuke vs Orochi. Guess we're find out next.


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The date for the one hour special advertised at the end of Shippuuden 005 was mistakenly given as March 22nd. It is actually March 29. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to deliver you high-quality in fansubbing.


Sorry magnis, that's next week.

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