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Official: Naruto thread


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He better be Madara or Im gonna get pissed.

They mine as wwell change the show from "Naruto" to "SHaringan" cuz that seems to be the main topic that involves every 5 chapters. Im just so tired of seeing those eyes. THe whole Uchia story is gettin so old now. I still havent seen what the water guy from sasuke's group full potential is. All he does is melt and swing his sword.

Im more concerned about:

1. Hinata and Naruto

2.Sasuke and that girl



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I'm guessing the water guy's full potential will be revealed when he fights Kisame (Since they have history, and Kisame himself has some weird powers that wasn't revealed until he actually fought, even though it wasn't Kisame).


Also I am willing to bet it is Madara, remember how he just made a body appear (and even have the skills) of another Ninja? Maybe Danzou is someone else who is being controlled by Madara, I'm willing to bet that the rest of Akaustki is him (the 3 members + Danzou if he is in on it).


Lot of possibilities. But the Sharingan sh!t has been boring since day 1, I never liked Sasuke too much, Naruto's story is the one I'm interested in the most.


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Yeah, its getting too wierd,

Sasuke kills Itachi for his clan,

then random joe comes and tells him the real story, now he wants to kill konoha for his brother,

but Konoha is destroyed so now he wants to kill the 5 kages for his brother, I mean c'mon....REad a book if you're that bored.


Yeah, I m more into the drama side of Naruto since its been awhile since we seen such scenes.

I smell a Hinata VS Sakura clash coming.(Its coming....)


Wat really sucks to me is it looks like Sasuke is gonna hav to die which sucks, and im kinda learning to like him, his traveling with his group made him seem MUCH LESS EMO than when he was a kid. And funny thing Shika talkin bout they should start doing the entrusting, and im like, you're only like16.

PROPS to the black ninjas, YOSHA!

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Right here cuh. Whats up? Thoughts and opinions on current status of the manga?



For me right now I'm kind of worried, to be honest, I want a happy ending between both Naruto and Sasuke, it shows hope :huh:. Although it'll be understable if either of them end up dead in the end.


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NOw it looks like there is NO WAY for sasuke to come back.

I mean he is either gonna die or get away(in the very end ofcourse)

Narutos is kinda old...you know, shaodw clone....rasenganx10s.....now he do toad stuff....cmon.

At least Sasuke keeps pulling justus out of his ass.

Gaara stepped and i thought he was gonna do or say something that prick sasuke's mind but it looks like that was a FAIL.


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I've actually been following the Anime and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised. They are handling the pace of it much better than in the first series and they're not afraid to kill off any major characters. This is the first time in a long while where I've actually been looking forward to new episodes.

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