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I saw a couple of them, but i was scared that i missed something from Naruto and went back to make sure i didnt...They're pretty quick though. Like 15 mins each...

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Okay! yes i have Naruto fever....its funny becuz ihate naruto but love the series....

ANyway! Whats the best naruto game out there.... I played CLash of ninja 1 or 2....my love for fighting games was insulted when i played that boring -one super - nearly all chars do the same thing - buying stupid chars thing- crappy excuse for a fighting game! i was sp angry that I spat on it then smashed it with a bat!!....

SO are there any good ones?

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Man i dont know if anybody put this but yall are behind like crazy.Thre is a new thing that is called naruto shipudden is rocks!Evry body there is a teen and they are all so cool and so strong.If yall know about this then yall are far but if yall dont yall are so far.It aint even funny fine it is that yall pepole are so far .Hhahahahahahahahahahahah!!!If yall dont know about it then wach it fast becaus there is a movie coming out and Naruto may MAY die ok not sure but he may agin MAY die.It is going to be the coolest movi in Naruto history.Man i am going to wach it when it comes out on DVD.Oh yeah you canot wach it on anithing but DVD ok. :banghead:

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