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  1. This ganna be tough , since Camera will follow the Player 1 Mario XD but still fun to own some mobs with 2 Marios xD
  2. Online Game called Eden Eternal , very Good Cartooniesh style online game , where u can use all Jobs in one character .
  3. thats not big issue , use one and make it decent
  4. I know , but the way he say it is the one make me rofl , I mean look at em sooooooo serious about the spamming xD like the one next to him never heard of block or jump XD
  5. *sigh* Kof used to have good story before "playmore" butt in . but what I wonder about is , why 2 games ? why not one game and all developers try their best to be a master piece ?
  6. OK guys along story here xD I brought this X-box 360 "YAY" or should I say "bleh" , anyway , I got some games like SSFIV , Rumble Rose and Dead Or Alive , I check the net and find out that I need to get online to download latest update of those game and to unlock some stuffs . I connect the X-box and nothing happen , it refuse to go online T.T Some Says My region is not supported yet , "Am in UAE right now" so my questions is: is this region thing is real ? and if its real , can I get those update through over method ? Peace ~
  7. Ok Ryu's last combo was cool ^^ , the others are old and real old
  8. Dead or alive , then all characters will be the grape type , or should I say , we will get an army of zangief XD
  9. I really wonder how this will work ... i can smell an epic fail in the near future
  10. The referee's wife tell the News , He can't handle the boys at home , you expect him to handle a world cup final XD such a week personality
  11. Hell Yah , The referee is a weak one , a girly girl , if another referee , he would send 2 from each side with red card from first half ~
  12. was out at work , Temperature is 62 degree Celsius , so what you think I smell Yup . SH!T !
  13. yah , 100% accuracy. that monster. I am with Germany all the way , too bad , they did not play against spain which suck >.> at final , I wanted Holland to win , tooooo bad Spain is the Champion >.>
  14. so many ppl lose their jobs these days cuz of the Oil thing !
  15. I got trained in using Smith hand gun and M-16 Rifle , but that long time ago >_>
  16. yah I heard about KissXsis , all i can say , those Japanese sometime just over do it >_>
  17. *Sigh* an d I thought I could play Fire emblem T_T
  18. So we got more that the blue screan of death in Pc XD
  19. Hehe ... Now we got a new Great Intro . but still no ending cuz of that baka Marina Hime ... someone should kill the weak !
  20. I find some tools that should overlock the cpu , but each time i use it the pc freez , I think I should stop here before someone get hurt XD
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