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I Hate Society

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Extreme you say? No, its NOT extreme. and im going to justify it right now.


A few months ago, there was a kid at my school who died, and recently another kid died. But let me back up.


The first kid who died was named Tyler, he was my friend Austins older brother, They where both very high standing players on the football team, they both had girlfriends, they where superjocks, "hot" to the girls, they where everything, The PERFECT definition of the categorization of "Popular" and everyone liked them.


here is his article http://www.walledlake.k12.mi.us/wlnhs/Home/TylerHome.htm


The kid who died recently was named Ryan, He like LAN parties, computer stuff, and he was a really nice kid according to what I here and was slightly overweight, but fit the catigorization of "nerd" and was a close friend of many people i know


here is his article http://www.walledlake.k12.mi.us/wlnhs/Home...rn%20famil1.pdf


Now first of all, look at the differnce, Tyler gets his own motherflocking website. Ryan, gets a crappy Template PDF document. Tyler got TWO webpages in fact, and his family 23,000 dollars, Ryans family gets nothing, a funeral costs a fraction of that price. NO fair, Tyler even has a scholorship in his name!!


Today at school, i almost predicted what would happen.


When tyler died, the ENTIRE school was in tears, Nothing was assigned by teachers, and we even got a day or two off of school, they cancelled school for it, thats how bad it was. almost everyone at my school has RIP Tyler written somewhere on their stuff.


Today, Guess how much crying i saw? NONE, there where people that where sad, but i didnt see a SINGLE person crying, crappy homework was assined, and no school was taken off


This is flocking bullshit. Now, I DO NOT mean to rip on these kids, they where both good kids, i mean to rip on this categorization bullshit.


Because Tyler was popular, everyone cared, there was chaos, kids where saying they wanted to kill themselves left and right, But with Ryan, there was almost nothing. I cant even begin to explain how pissed off i am.




Who flocking cares if their popular? Being flocking popular is flocking bullshit. It means nothing at all. It means you went with teh crowd. It means you did what MOST people are into.


I have to be the same as everyone else for people to flocking care if i die? Thats bullshit.


i want this popular crap, nerd crap, all these other bullshit cliques or whatever stopped, its retarded


Because some kid went on his own and did something different...ugh..i cant even go on, its just so bullcrap...im so pissed, He deserves better, they both should have been treated the same....


share your thoughts...

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People are nothing.


Unless they are popular then all hail them.


If not is is just another one biting the dust. If it makes you feel better I hate society too.


Never understood how two different people that can both equally have skidmarks could be looked at so differently by the masses.


This person plays football so everything about him is great. He would rather pee on you than help you but he is more important because he can draw attention.


Funny how you never see TV shows or movies showing that stuff. It's always the nobody becoming a hero which like happens 1 out of a billion times.


Hope you are reborn with rich parents that is my advice :lol:


In short I understand the point of the rant.

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heres a convo i was having with a friend...


Shibathedog: by the way

xnaMe intHeSTARS: yea?

Shibathedog: what do you think? Im just pissed to no extent about it... (this was linked to this page)

xnaMe intHeSTARS: alot of my friends think that way, like jilly borders

xnaMe intHeSTARS: i do too

xnaMe intHeSTARS: its bullshit

xnaMe intHeSTARS: just cause he wasnt as popular doesnt mean it was any less of a tragedy

Shibathedog: yeah i know

xnaMe intHeSTARS: adn doesnt mean it should be treated in any less of a way

xnaMe intHeSTARS: its crap

Shibathedog: i mean really, on the bottom of the stupid PDF template, about a kid who DIES, they dont even bother to edit out the "the redition begins..." WTF? the tradition of students dying? thats a huge disrespect

xnaMe intHeSTARS: i know

xnaMe intHeSTARS: what are LAN parties?

Shibathedog: its like when you have a huge amount of Computers or Xboxs or something and everyone plays each other in games

xnaMe intHeSTARS: oooooooh

xnaMe intHeSTARS: thats sweet

Shibathedog: yeah its actually alot of fun

xnaMe intHeSTARS: sounds liek it

xnaMe intHeSTARS: i would reply to it but youc ant be anonymous

xnaMe intHeSTARS: and i dont have enough time to follow a forum

Shibathedog: want me to just post this convo (ill edit your SN out if you want)

xnaMe intHeSTARS: sure

xnaMe intHeSTARS: you dont have to

xnaMe intHeSTARS: edit it out

xnaMe intHeSTARS: i mean

Shibathedog: ok

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That's high school for you. Too many people concerned with popularity rather than what a person is like. Unless these people become celebrities, they'll have a major culture shock when they hit the real world. I guess college can be like that too, but not where I go. We don't have sports teams, so that's probably the reason. BTW, why in the blue hell would you say you'd kill yourself if someone died? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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Hey its the world, if you don't like it too bad. Ranking in society is how everyone is identifiable. From the ghetto to the rich and famous. The bottom feeder to the unstoppable.


It's a system society is based on, its not a fair system, but its there because it justifies the parties. Words are meaningless now, and actions speak louder then words.

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Once people are in the real world, most don't really care how you rank up (except for celebrities and economically "elite" or the really poor and homeless). High school's ranking isn't anything like the real world (except for sports stars and possibly the beautiful people IF they're REALLY attractive). Also, a few celebrities have gone from being nerds to their status now (i.e. Vin Diesal [sp?]).

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Sometimes that stuff disappears when you get to university, or when you get out into the real world, and sometimes it doesn't. I think it is unfortunate too. I disagree with you, K' Dash, sorry mate, but I don't think there is any excuse for such hierachies (if that's how you spell it), especially in the 21st century, in developed and apparently "democratic" nations, but they still exist.


I wish they didn't...but then again I'm a hopeless romantic. :P

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High school is complete bullshit. When I was at my Catholic high school, that's was exactly how it was. Jocks, sluts, nerds. But we can always find solace in that the jocks will fail in life and we'll eventually be shitting all over them.


But I agree with K'Dash, such heirarchies must exist for this society to function properly. There will always be the popular ones and the not so popular ones. The haves and the have-nots. Stratification gives society goals to reach that higher realm of society.


And I forgot the rest...


But shiba, what happened at your school was truly crappy and an example how people don't give a flock about us.

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High School is BS man, I agree with Kramer. Honestly that kind of stuff pisses me off so bad too man. I know how you feel. When I was in school I treated everyone equally, I know what you mean man when something happens to someone "cool" everyone cares but when it is your average guy no one gives a monkeys crap. My school was rather ghetto so guys like Ryan used to get picked on ALL the time and I would always stick up for them. I got into quite allot of fights because of that.

Man you guys have no idea how much stuff like this ticks me off.

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