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I Hate Society

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Extreme you say? No, its NOT extreme. and im going to justify it right now.


A few months ago, there was a kid at my school who died, and recently another kid died. But let me back up.


The first kid who died was named Tyler, he was my friend Austins older brother, They where both very high standing players on the football team, they both had girlfriends, they where superjocks, "hot" to the girls, they where everything, The PERFECT definition of the categorization of "Popular" and everyone liked them.


here is his article http://www.walledlake.k12.mi.us/wlnhs/Home/TylerHome.htm


The kid who died recently was named Ryan, He like LAN parties, computer stuff, and he was a really nice kid according to what I here and was slightly overweight, but fit the catigorization of "nerd" and was a close friend of many people i know


here is his article http://www.walledlake.k12.mi.us/wlnhs/Home...rn%20famil1.pdf


Now first of all, look at the differnce, Tyler gets his own motherflocking website. Ryan, gets a crappy Template PDF document. Tyler got TWO webpages in fact, and his family 23,000 dollars, Ryans family gets nothing, a funeral costs a fraction of that price. NO fair, Tyler even has a scholorship in his name!!


Today at school, i almost predicted what would happen.


When tyler died, the ENTIRE school was in tears, Nothing was assigned by teachers, and we even got a day or two off of school, they cancelled school for it, thats how bad it was. almost everyone at my school has RIP Tyler written somewhere on their stuff.


Today, Guess how much crying i saw? NONE, there where people that where sad, but i didnt see a SINGLE person crying, crappy homework was assined, and no school was taken off


This is flocking bullshit. Now, I DO NOT mean to rip on these kids, they where both good kids, i mean to rip on this categorization bullshit.


Because Tyler was popular, everyone cared, there was chaos, kids where saying they wanted to kill themselves left and right, But with Ryan, there was almost nothing. I cant even begin to explain how pissed off i am.




Who flocking cares if their popular? Being flocking popular is flocking bullshit. It means nothing at all. It means you went with teh crowd. It means you did what MOST people are into.


I have to be the same as everyone else for people to flocking care if i die? Thats bullshit.


i want this popular crap, nerd crap, all these other bullshit cliques or whatever stopped, its retarded


Because some kid went on his own and did something different...ugh..i cant even go on, its just so bullcrap...im so pissed, He deserves better, they both should have been treated the same....


share your thoughts...

Welcome to reality.


There r worse things in life.


Move on.

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Popular kids in HS can go get flocked up and drunk and live under the bridge.


I don't really care. Other kids will live in houses and have a good life.


Ignore them all...

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it just pisses me off ya know? i mean these kids deaths didnt really effect me because i didnt really know em, but its stupid that its like no one cares, i mean, there where poeple who cared...but its just not fair


They both died almost the exact same way and everything, the only difference is one was popular, i wish everyone was just treated equally, i should show this thread to my school admins heh...because i personally think that their blatantly unaware about what goes on in their own school, not just this either.

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A person dies every second somewhere in this world. We feel remorse or loss because we're human, and our emotions r governed by that fact. You could say the same about love, a human trait.


But so is ignorance.


You can't win, we all lose.


And so life goes on.

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true, ive done that myself hehe


Some people seem to be mistunderstanding the fact that im not all worked up about the kid dying (actually i am, but thats not what i posted about) its the aftermath...

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