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  1. You can use artmoney to hack the game and get every sprite this way. http://mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=28777.0 Above is a tutorial I made to help use artmoney to rip. All you have to do is find the timer value then you can use my artmoney table for the rest. http://www.newwavemugen.com/Tables/Vampire.amt http://www.newwavemugen.com/Tables/DS2.amt http://www.newwavemugen.com/Tables/DS1.amt And then of course you can also download my Darkstalker Sprite Packs. http://www.newwavemugen.com/DS/ For a complete list of Open Source sprites go here. http://mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=23554.0 And in case you are wondering. The Teamplayer = The Dreamslayer.
  2. All it needs is frame advance and it is perfect
  3. You can always buy the game. http://www.himeyashop.com/advanced_search_...y+blood&x=0&y=0 Keep in mind you must buy the original Melty Blood or ReAct will not work.
  4. Not a bad idea. I wonder why I didn't think of something as simple as that. It may work. Thank ye. I'll probably play with flash for it too and see which can make the better effect.
  5. Anyone know a program I could use to do an easy effect like below? I got the demo for particle Illusion but it has effects that are too good I just need a glowing blue ball I call move around and it makes trails. Thank you for any assistance
  6. On April 1st my bandwidth will be renewed. At that point you can go to the below site for your GGXX# Reload sprite needs. http://www.newwavemugen.com/~xenozip/
  7. For those of us that can't afford (won't spend THAT much on) the Neo Geo versions this is great. Plus I don't think the DC version of KOF2k2 was in english. I have the roms but I rarely play them. Never even played 2k3 untill this version came out. I just made sure it worked in case I ever needed to rip some sprites or sounds from it. I never was a big emulator fan though in regards to playing games. Not to mention the fact I am a pretty hardcore 2d fighting game fan. I would obviously give these games an A. I tend to play capcom titles more but SNK games are a great alternative to capcom's lazyness. And these are 2 of my favorite KOFs. And yes I hope you 2d fighter fans buy the game. Every little bit could help push SNK into more fighter titles. Without Capcom and with Sammy's long gaps between fighters SNK is all that is left. Import fans can still look forward to Type Moon for the Melty Blood series on occasion too at least. I always welcome new characters and features. But in the end I am just glad they released the game so more people can play it. Now if they would start releasing some Samurai Showdown compillations. I never did get around to ordering the import version on Sega Saturn and would love to play SSVsp. Since I'm not motivated to actually search the 10 minutes for the rom and refuse to use my Mame version =P
  8. They are left uncropped and as single images to keep their axis. http://www.newwavemugen.com/CVS2/ Updated. By popular demand I ripped the hit sparks from the game. Pure hell to do btw http://www.newwavemugen.com/MVC2/ 1 site for MVC2 goodness. Credit Kung Fu Man if you use these for anything please. http://www.newwavemugen.com/DarkStalkers/ Starting Darkstalkers
  9. Most are in.pcx format. Is there any art or pic program that won't open them? .pcx is the standard for Mugen sprites. My site is newwaveMUGEN, so I wouldn't expect me to change the extensions =P
  10. Here are open source sprite packs that me and partners have done. Enjoy www.newwavemugen.com/SFA www.newwavemugen.com/CVS2 Syndicate's Melty Blood packs http://www.newwavemugen.com/~syndicate Hoshi's EFZ packs http://www.newwavemugen.com/~hoshi Xenozip's GGXX packs http://www.newwavemugen.com/~xenozip/ Joram's SF3 packs http://www.newwavemugen.com/~zweifuss/ MVC2 packs are throughout this thread... I need to tell KFM to make 1 central site with them all =P http://www.mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?topic=16520.0
  11. To make a character you need to read the docs. http://www.newwavemugen.com/~mfgcontent/KFM/mugenguide/
  12. And programming. Knowing math is an asset.
  13. Start reading the docs. You can either start downloading and adding characters already made... or you can start learning how to make your own. I say you make your own But you have to be willing to learn, work, and have patience for that. Most people don't have what it takes.
  14. This is the Windows Mugen. A direct port of the Linux Mugen which is the latest version. If you want the older Dos version you can get it here... http://www.newwavemugen.com/~mfgcontent/mug10414[1].zip
  15. Why are you in a portuguese site? http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/ EDIT: More tips, tutorials, and links... http://www.mugenguild.com/forumx/index.php?board=22.0
  16. Beacause she is my favorite Guilty Gear character, her fighting style is unique, and she fits in well with the DS cast. She is the "other game" boss side of DS like Geese is for SF. And mainly she is in there just because I can make it so =P
  17. Look on guild JC. It was decided 5 or 6 people said Adon so Adon will be the 1st character made
  18. I will try to make it work for both Win and Dos mugen. But if I can use something from Winmugen to make the game better I will. Everything will be open source so anyone can fix and upload something if it happens to have some WinMugen only. Akuma and DeeJay have been named thus far. EDIT: And ChunLi, just now saw that one... (I have this post on Guild too ) That is all the characters I plan to make. No Jill or Cable, sorry.
  19. If you are informing me that technically he is not I already knew, (technically by game/story affiliation) But if you are wanting me to make him first then he is not on the list =P
  20. Well I was going to go ahead and rip the rest of the Darkstalkers before I actually started working on any characters from my game again. But I need a break from ripping. It is driving me insane. All the SF cast is fully ripped. http://www.newwavemugen.com/webstuff/cast.png Above is a pic of all the characters I plan to put in my game and the ratio they will be at (besides SVC Demitri, I decided to make him taller like in the game) The game is Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers. Any characters not from SF or DS games will just be secret extras I wanted to throw in because I can. They are not priority. I claim Len and Amingo as DS chars too, so I could add Makoto and Twelve and still have an even cast Guy and Hugo are counted as Final Fight chars so they are in the same spot as the secret chars and are not priority... So what SF character should I make 1st? I don't really have a preference as I look forward to adding my unique touch to them all. The characters will not work for universal mugen but I will try my best to use as many universal standards as I can and I will note anything that will not work in universal mugen. So anyone can make universal versions. Also feel free to comment on the ratios and colors that I altered. Here are the SF chars you can choose from: Ryu Ken Akuma ChunLi Guile Blanka Bison Vega Sagat Balrog Cammy FeiLong DeeJay Zangief Dhalsim Sakura Adon Rose Almost forgot to mention that Judas made that Morrigan sprite. He posted it in KFM's DS YOH topic on Guild. I tweaked it abit but thought it was very good. So she will take longer than most to make so start holding your breathe
  21. Depends. In dos mugen it depends on your dos drivers. And it XP it just generally sucks totally. Same with Linux mugen. Depends on your drivers. I never could get any sound at all Winmugen has a lot of plugins you can try at least. So add that to sound different sound cards and you have a variety of sound as well. I have no problem with sound from WinMugen. I guess each person needs the one that wold best fit what they have to work with. Take a number and wait in line =P
  22. Alexis remember that WinMugen and Linux mugen are the same. Unless you are reffering to small bugs such as zip files not working and the continue stage bug there are not many other bugs left in WinMugen. The "bad colors and loss of AI" will occur in Linux mugen too. Characters have those issues if they are not updated to Linux standards. Winmugen http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/
  23. No limit Windows Mugen can be found here. http://www.attic7.com/unofficial/
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