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I Hate Society

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Grifffinklaw, I thought you were being rhetorical. But here are the quotes that made me think that, I'm not sure if it was this one that convinced me...


But I agree with K'Dash, such heirarchies must exist for this society to function properly. There will always be the popular ones and the not so popular ones. The haves and the have-nots. Stratification gives society goals to reach that higher realm of society.


or this one....


High school is just a drop in the pond compared to the kind of favouritism you'll see in real life

(I might have been paraphrasing slightly there but that's because I could only copy and paste one quote)


but they both had an effect!

Well in the first quote I'm just saying there has to be a social stratification everywhere. Pre school, elementary school, high school, college, and beyond.


And in the second quote I'm stating that real life has much more statification than high school does.


But I do see how you thought that I was saying that high school is like real life. All I'm saying is that both real life and high school have social differences (I keep saying stratification like an asshole) which keep everything going.


And did I really spell favoritism with a 'u'? You crazy Aussie boy. <_<

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Actually "school" life doesnt have thing to do with the "real world" becuase who or what you were in high school doesnt matter on the streets. It's more like a boook that you read and remember but eventually forget about. In order to be "a big shot" in high school you have to be on the cool/sex level, so which ever one of those that you are or have thats what makes you big and missed or whatever.

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What can I say? I can only speak for myself, my experiences, my beliefs regarding this (well, any) issue -- same is true for everyone else.


Glad High school is over. Not so much because of crap like the articles you've posted, but the thing I hated most about high school was that I was made to sit in class from eight in the morning till like 2:30 in the afternoon. All the while, having to put up with classes I've had no interest in, and/or classes that were much too mainstream and filled with government propaganda (I was in public school), and having to in class with students who I just could not identify with.


Kids around me were always yapping about this and that, about the latest gossip, who likes who (couldn't give a crap), who's hot, who was in the popular group and whatnot, blah blah. (Bored me to tears; and I was surrounded by this crap every day I was in school.)


Yeah, and let's not forget all that "teenage angst" that was just everywhere. Kids were obsessing over popularity, who's in what group, their test scores, etc. as if were a matter of life and death. Unfortunately, I never went through this "teenage angst" stage (or maybe it's not so unfortunate), and more and more as time passed, I grew apathetic about the whole high school environment, and more and more, there was this great gap between I and my fellow students -- I just could no relate with their concerns and problems.


While most of my peers were struggling with these very serious issues of life and death. I was on the sideline with my interests in philosophy and video games -- LOL, yeah, somehow they don't really mix, but I could always talk about videogames with the other kids. LOL


Throughout high school, I did my own thing; I didn't give a f#$k about what was being taught in school (my grades were always poor), and didn't give a f#@k about the other students.


I still graduated in four years though, like most students. But I never bothered to attend the graduation ceremony, or even take a picture for my yearbook, cuz I just care and they are not a big issue. I went into the school office and picked up my diploma a week after the ceremony -- that's it, my four years of boredom and routine was over.


Now that I'm in college, it's not as bad since you have more freedom in choosing your classes, and you can freely make your own schedule. Also, I'm getting straight As in class cuz now I'm actually trying. Perhaps, all along, I just needed more personal freedom -- you definitely don't get that in high school.


So what's the point behind my long ramblings? Not sure. Perhaps to point out how my individual experiences in high school were much different from the viewpoint the articles took with the example of those two kids, and yet how I too never gave a damn about high school -- just for different reasons though.


The sad thing is, crap like "unfairness" from the whole issue of popularity and...uh...unpopularity never really goes away -- even after high school. It just takes a different form and it's just placed into a different context, and that's it.


P.S. I had to watch The Breakfast Club in high school for my required (what's not reguired in high school? heh) counseling or something class. What's the name of that class that talks about drugs, peer pressure, sex ed., and all that crap? Yeah, that class. Hated the movie? Why? Guess you haven't payed much attention to my post. Read above for general idea -- yeah, I know it's long. LOL


P.P.S. Jiddu Krishnamurti. Anyone heard of him? That guy is amazing. I've been reading some of his writings and they're incredible. Anyone interested in a link with one of his writings, let me know. But what are the chances of that, right? This is an *emulation* board! LOL

I completley agree with everything you just said, amazing...


Only difference here is, I get up to go to school at about 5:00AM Get there at about 7:45 AM, then the crap starts, then ends and i get home about 3


I hope when i movie to Ohio it doesnt suck as bad...we should be moving in a month or two


Better yet, i hope we dont move until i graduate

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sometimes, im usualy innefected, and its usually by people i hate anyway, but doesnt everyone get picked on by someone?

I have one piece of advice: Just don't give a crap.


Someone calls you somethin, call them something right back. "Hey Saucy." Reply: "Hey CockBuster."


That's it. I just don't give a crap. I talk to some ladies, I hang with some katz of all types: druggies, gangstas, nerds, average joes. I can do that cause I don't give a crap.


And about the dying thing: I just think of it like this: We all rot the same way. Anyway you look at it, thats the simple truth. Just live your life like you want it lived.


I do feel sorry for the kat who got the.PDF file, though. Guess I should anticipate that, too... :lol:



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yeah thats how i am, i probably come off as a huge asshole just because i dont care what anyone says


This chick wanted me to get up so she could sit where I was sitting, and ill be damned if im going to get up off my lazy ass for this moron, so before she can get past her routine whining stage and then get into the bitching/unsulting stage, i throw every possible insult her tiny mind could think of (around 8 insults) at myself, yeah, at myself, and then throw about 4 at her


its funny how pissed people get when you use all their insults on yourself....its just brilliance, and people around me where laughing WITH me becuase they found her frustration hilarious, and so did I just because im ruthless that way

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its funny how pissed people get when you use all their insults on yourself....its just brilliance, and people around me where laughing WITH me becuase they found her frustration hilarious, and so did I just because im ruthless that way

I like it! :lol:


Yeah, there's no reason for you to move when you were there first. In fact, it's very rude for someone to just come up and say they'd like to have your seat. If it's said politely, then that may be find, but most time, these chicks have had so much ass-kissing from other guys that they'd come up and just demand a seat.

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