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Best Rpg Opinion Thread!

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Final Fantasy III, VII, IX, X


Legend of Legaia I and II - awesome battle system - I did over 50 hit combo and killed the last boss in part 1 with it


Breath of Fire III, IV - i like fishing


zelda I, II, a link to the past




Golden Sun I, II


Shining Force


Xenogear - great game to play but needs more magic


XenoSaga - i'm still playing


I thought Xenogear and XenoSaga are not related to each other.

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I hated Xenogears because I found the plot somewhat complex and misplaced.


Xenosaga was a great movie.


Valkyrie Profile is one of the greatest underrated games.


FFVII is what braught Final Fantasy back into the world. Dispite people hating it. It has set a medium for RPG's since its release. Yes, it was overrated. I liked it because of its style and plot, althought it was confusing at times. The Battle system was perfected here, although I did like the Job System from the past FF's.


FF8 was utter crap. I don't know why people like it.


FF9 is the forgotten Final Fantasy. Highly underrated and has the most memorable quotes compared to the others (My sig for example). (You'll remember them, you just can't connect it to the title)


Final Fantasy Tactics is also another underrated FF title. The game is simply a master piece.


FFX was Square's "beta" test into the PS2. Short, but memorable.


FFX-2 is an amazing game, dispite what everyone says. Much lighter then any other. Who says their has to be a Final Fantasy Bible? The team wanted to take it some where else(FOR ONCE, christ, I'm sick of everyone saying its a bad game just because it has a jpopish feel and happy-like). Bring back the classic job and ABS system is great.


Kingdom Hearts - Square made Micky Mouse badass. Thats all I have to say.


I can't believe no one has said Chrono Trigger! The game is an amazing RPG from Square, and Final Fantasy 1,2 and 4,5, those games are amazing as well. Square pumped out some pretty great games during the S/NES period.

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Fallout 1 and 2.

yeah I agree. I like pc based RPG's over console ones. my least favorite being the FF series. I've played every one and not liked any.

well if I had to pick one I'd say Elder scrolls III morrowind. I just love that games so much. you can play for houndreds of hours and not run out of stuff to do.

Oh man I love Morrowind. Have you played the 2 expansion packs? I haven't, because I'm still trying to accomplish all the missions in the original!


Oh yeah, and Baldur's Gate 1 and 2. Black Isle is the 0wn!

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i enjoyed vandal hearts and FFT.

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Xenogears n Xenosaga r related but not officially. Both games have been published by different companies but the same development team made both, n the games have too many themes that they both share to be strictly unrelated. Some say it's an alternate universe thing, others say it's an actual prequal, regardless of either circumstance those 2 games r related because it's just too uncanny not to be.


Anway, don't forget about FFT! Loved the story in this game. Right under XG.

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Thanks for taking the time to respond Agozer. :lol:


Back to the main topic: I personally liked FF9; many of my favorite tunes are from that game. The story as well as much of the character dialogues didn't try too hard to come off as "serious" and "dark", which is one thing I liked -- many of the dialogues were also quite funny.


I know many were turned off by the character designs, saying things like how the characters looked deformed or like little kids, but those people often don't understand that it's just a form of art.


Battle system was pretty fun, with the job class and all that. Yes, I do know that some parts of the plot were borrowed from older FF, but to me, I think they made some improvements and it worked out in the end. That's just my opinion though, and I know many didn't like this game.

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what if SNK make a RPG with KOF char. ? i bet ppl would love it tho they could make the game stupid in someway

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what if SNK make a RPG with KOF char. ? i bet ppl would love it tho they could make the game stupid in someway

Yeah, its called KOF Kyo. :blink: I haven't seen it in stores anywhere and there's not ROM for it. :lol:

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