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How To Seduce Women With Serious Words ?


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Why did I suddenly thought of Mr. T?

Mr.T :(


Do most of girls/women prefer men like Mr.T or like Brad Pitt ?

Mr. T. Definitely Mr. T. Just look at my signature. He pities all fools. He has no time for jibba jabba. He wears lots of gold chains, has a fro-mohawk (or a fro-hawk as I call it), and he used to do 1-800-Collect commercials.


All Brad Pitt does is star in good movies, have sex with Jennifer Aniston, and be the envy of all males.

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a nice poem wouldn't hurt. if you can't find the words to say just write it out and give it to her


- example -

I know we just met

and we did chit chat for a bit

but there's something about you that i can't resist

if you give me the chance i'll figure out what it is

so what do you have to say, how about us starting this off with a kiss

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not to put a downer on you but i think it wil b qiute difficlut for you to "go out with her" or "date" (you are in US arn't you?)

do u know if she is going out with any1 else?,


have you seen the kind of guys she likes?


anyway what i found is when you reach a certain age (about 20)

3 years age diference is nothing but at the moment it might be too much


also when your older a *little* bit of drink in you and you will think your the man and will be able to talk to anyone!


my 3 final pieces of advice are:


1.are in into music, film? if she is try talking to her about a specfic band she likes


2. sod here and go for some1 1-2 years younger than you!


3. you can tell within the first 2 mins of talking to some1 of the opposite sex if they like you, for example, they intaite conversation flows and smile and don't run away :)

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Thought I'd check to see how it was going. Just remember not to take *too* long, carpe diem or whatever :lol:

No offense to anyone, but I would have to say popping in with a poem would give her that obsessed stalker vibe. I seriously would just have something lined up to do, like meeting up with friends, a party or anything that makes you look like you're a fun person and whatnot and try to *wink* run across her somewhere "out of the blue" and just be really casual. shoot the crap for a few minutes -keep it brief- then be like "ah well hey I gotta get goin..." then invite her along but make it look like you wouldn't be devestated at all if she declined.

Women in general don't respond to need, they respond to challenge. If you come across as the already perfect guy, she's not gonna bite easily. Why do you think girls almost always date some jerk, but have the nice guy that has a crush on her be her friend and she says things like "he's such a jerk, if I could just meet someone like you..you're such a good friend listening..yadda yadda yadda".

I'm not saying this is exactly how it is, but I used to always get stuck in the dreaded "friend zone" or just try to hard to where I was TOO nice (yes writting letters, poems and so on is what doomed me before). Not every trick works on every girl, but the best advice is just to be yourself and don't be affraid if it doesn't happen because it's usually the self doubt that kills your chances. Just remember that and also women thrive on competition *grin*. If anything let her see you around some other girls, could make you look more desirable.

Ack, this is long so I'm cutting myself off before I start preaching more lol.

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LOL Alright, based on some of the replies, I can tell that at least one or two of you are members (or lurk) at sosuave. :) (For those who've no clue what I'm talking about, it's no biggie -- just an inside sorta thing.)


To the thread starter: I'm not here to personally give advice in these sort of things -- I've put it behind me long ago. However feel free to check out the link provided at the end of this post. It's absolutely free, but I warn you that the members there are not friendly towards answering questions which had been repeatedly asked. So you must read the faq and what they call TFM ("the fornication materials"), before participating in their forums -- or be prepared to get flamed.


Personaly however, I'd advise you to not pay too much attention to TFM -- it's heavily outdated and the new one should be ready whenevers. The archieved posts are more worthwhile. Alphahot1's archieve, I'd definitely recommend as essential. Important thing is to know and get a general understanding of the various (there's quite a bit) acronyms.


There's a *ton* of info to digest and will likely overwhelm you -- take it slow. It's a no nonsense site, but in order to benefit at all, you can't be passive, but must have the balls to go out in the field and work.


N00bs on such sites fear the info may become mainstream -- they learn it's all for naught later on. I don't care for hoarding information, and I don't care for such topics as "how to pick up", relationships, etc. anymore. I used to post there (different name) years back, and moved beyond its usefulness. Still, to you or anyone else truly interested when it comes to the topic of women, use it for what you will -- or just ignore this post altogether. And that's all I'll say on this topic.



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