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How To Seduce Women With Serious Words ?


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Well what is current relationship with her? Do you work with her? Do you go to school with her? Is she in any of your classes? Do you think she's seen you before?


I mean, it would be rather strange if some random 17 year old kid went up to a 21 year old girl and asked her out. You need a pretext, a reason to talk to her.


And I like Plasticslug's plan. :blink:

She's a neighbour ; flat entry 28... Mine is 39.

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Oh you know whats good, by a lot of food and tell her that a friend didnt come over and invit her to eat and just start things from there, or randomly* meet her somewhere and talk to her.


Randomly*=find out where she likes to go and bump into her there.

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I never thought I'd see relationship advice given on an emulation board. Interesting. And some of it quite insightful!


I'd agree with the confidence angle. The bumbling Hugh Grant just doesn't work in reality (unless of course, you're Hugh Grant--but even he resorted to hookers, so what gives?!)


#1 is LISTEN. If you get her talking--get her to talk about herself. Her likes, her dislikes etc. Listening is EASY. Try to remember at least a few things she says--even if they're incredibly boring or mundane. If you can follow up later in another conversation and say "so how's mittens?" or "what did you think of that _____ you went to?" you'll score big points.


This shows you took the time to LISTEN, and that makes her important.


If you sense you've been lumped into "friend" territory, come clean and flat out ask her out somewhere. Better to be rejected and move on (really--trust me!) than to pine over something that will never be.


Sorry if some of this has already been covered--I admit I skimmed the larger posts.


Good luck!

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ummm if you want to get the girls









most women now a days dig the "mysterious guy" who stands out

also, the METROSEXUALS are getting attention from the ladies as well

since the bi's have been wiping the floor with the straight boys ladies behind their backs :lol:


and if you're ugly then... get really rich and wear nice clothes like the metrosexual boys :lol:




here is a cute metrosexualish outfit.


the stretch lowrise button fly jeans with the flaire at the bottom.

unforunately for me since i'm petite i can't fit into these mens sizes

so i comb the womens juniors departments :lol:


most straight boys might think this style is homo, but they're just hatin cuz they don't have enough self confidence to pull it off. :blink: besides with a look like that the babes might think you're a frontman of some indie band from norway so that's a ++++ :lol:


baggy trousers are out* :lol:

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yeah huh?


just some fashion tips

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