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Greatest 2D Fighter Ever?


Which of these 2D fighters is the King?  

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I don't really know if this poll or question has been asked before, but here it goes. I would like to know what you guys think is the best...absolutly king of fighting games. Below I have my personal opinions for each game.


--King of Fighters 2002--

This is my favourite KOF game ever. I actually wished that EOlith would create the next king of fighters. Sure they did mess up big time with KOF2001, but oh man did they make up for it. The max mode introduced in kof2k2 opened up a whole new way to create and link combos together. The music was a vast improvment over 2k1 and the speed of the gameplay felt perfect. Also, it had a vast amount of characters including evil orochi characters and clone kyo.


--King of Fighters 2003--

SNK returns to what they do best...making great fighters. Although I truely believe that this was a great game, i don't think it stacks up to kof2k2. I actually got bored of this game a few times i went through it. Its a really fast game and the AI is kinda stupid. I beat it so many times in one day that it lost its appeal. Its not a major improvement of 2k2, they actually went back in time and took 2000/2001 sound samples instead of taking them from 2k2. They even recycled lots of svc sound samples too.


--Guilty Gear X--

Although I haven't played the first one, if the sequel is any indication of quality, then this game must be a classic. I can tell from the character line up and graphics that this is very similar to the GGXX.


--Guilty Gear X2--

The mother of all fighters. Guilty Gear X2 has the best audio/visual in any 2D fighter. With its deep gameplay and unique characters, the game can't be surpassed by any other (IMO). Not only does it have a distinct movelist for all its characters, the production quality is very apparent. If you have bought the ps2 version, it offers more value than any other 2D fighter with hidden movies, story and mission mode, and other unique features. No SNK or Capcom fighter has ever implemented such value in their games.


--Street Fighter 3RD Strike--

Possibly the best street fighter ever made. The new graphics sprites and liquid animation is a clear example why street fighter fans still love this old game. Although the gameplay is very slow, the parry system provides a lot of strategy and is difficult to master. The value of this game isn't great. There are only a few modes to play and internet is not availiable in North America. The music is alright but some stages have awful sound.


--Street Figher Alpha 3--

My favourite street fighter! A huge assortment of characters are available and has great music to go with it. Its a very fast game and offers 3 different grooves to choose from. Too bad there is no dashing of sorts which makes the game a bit stiff. The graphics are so so but its on the old cps2 engine.


--Mortal Kombat Trilogy--

I've only played mortal kombat 3 so far. I've never got into this game. But being one of the latest 2D mortal kombat games, it offers a bunch of characters and whole new fatalities.


--Marvel vs Capcom 2--

Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a arcade hit to fans of Capcom. This game offers the speed and excitement of Guilty Gear and Kof 2003. You can do sick combos going past the hundreds. The game is great in gameplay..but no one can deny the fact that it has god awful music and can be a huge button mashing game.


--Capcom vs SNK 2--

Capcom vs Snk2 is one of the best cross over games to date. It features an absolutly astounding cast of characters. Each of the SNK characters have been redrawn and given a higher resolution. With a sick techno sounding soundtrack, its a great game in the sound department. The only complaints that I have it that its ridiculously slow for a game with snk characters. Good thing on the ps2 you can change the speed :D



I don't know much about darkstalkers, I've played it a few times but it was really boring.


--SNK vs Capcom--

Another Cross over game, but this time its SNK's turn to do the dirty work. Svc is a great fighting game that offers speed and excitement to capcom and snk fans. The music is okay but the graphics are a huge dissapointment. It can't compare to CVS 2 in the music and graphics area. SNK does redraw most of the Capcom characters but some look better than others. Too bad svc chaos doesn't have too much value. There are holes in gameplay (collision detection/ no air blocking or rolling). And there isn't even a 3 on 3 mode...wtf? Another dissapointment is that the boss battles are hard to achieve, and you can only get the good endings from them. Plus, i think they should've made a better character select menu, the current one is a bit too...well, it makes the game seem to have very little characters.



Well my vote is for Guilty Gear X2....whats yours?

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Well, I REALLY enjoy Capcom Vs. SNK 2's system of fighting. Not highly advanced to the tastes of SNK fans, put PERFECT for Capcom fans, like myself.


The matches are always fluid, fast, and unpredictable, even if you are sometimes going against an expert. Counters and the RAGE system from Samurai Showdown add those spicy twists to the gameplay. My vote: CvsSNK2.



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Between this list and this list only.


--> Street Fighter Alpha 3


It's too damn good with lots of characters, moves, all original Capcom Style. Lots of great power up moves and stuff like that. Gameplay is great and I got to admit this game blew Street Fighter Alpha 2 out of the water. I think it's even better than Street Fighter 3rd Strike, probabally a lot of people would disagree though. :D

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Guilty Gear X2, no doubt about it. Capcom Vs. SNK 2 follows as a close second.


Ah damn it...Where's Last Blade 2? It rules.

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I'd have to say Capcom vs. SNK 2. Sure I love KOF, Samurai Shodown, and Last Blade, but I don't get to play those games with other people much. I find the mix of Capcom vs. SNK 2 to be almost perfect.


Now they just have to make Capcom vs. SNK 3.

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I still say that thus far Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the definitive 2d fighter. I've become much more of an SNK fan in the past few years, but I still the title of "best fighter ever" to this game. the Character list was the biggest of it's time, the ability to choose which system you'd fight with allowed you to fight in the style you truly fought your best in, and most importantly, the home port of the game made a statement and set a standard that other fighters have yet to break. The world tour mode was a spectacle, which is why it suprises me that nobody else has stepped up to the plate to create that type of mode in one of their fighters, dramatic battle was something entirely new and truly unique to the Alpha series, and the amount of modes puts the replay value way through the roof. there have been games that I have enjoyed more for shorter periods of time, but the main idea is that those lasted for shorter periods of time. I basically consider this game immortal and I say that there is yet a 2d fighter to top it.

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I've got to say Capcom vs. SNK 2. You get a huge roster of all the favorites from Capcom and SNK games, Multiple groove systems including two customizable grooves, and online play make it great. Plus it's got Hibiki and Rock in it which are two of my favs.

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