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  1. K I hope you realize that common sense and intelligence isn't a bad thing, right? Like I said before, do some research before you open your mouth. Symbol markets the best multifunction PDAs in the market if you wish to make a point of it. Have you ever owned a PDA at all?
  2. You fail. Read the god damn features <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not really impressive at all compared to current generation PDAs. It's definately over priced. A year ago it might have been passable. You should do some research before making such comments.
  3. The price went down to $150 now so it's a bit more affordable. It's an awesome game but it's so damn hard. And live owns everything for free IMHO.
  4. In Ohio it's been that way for many years already. It's nothing new.
  5. I agree with K. All my experiences with 1st gen Sony products have been bitter. Especially with my car's CD/MP3 player. I spent $350 for it years ago and it doesn't support ID3 tags, "pops" when playing any MP3 over 128kbps, doesn't support VBR, uses a DOS like file name system. I won't even get into my issues with the 1st gen PS1 and PS2. But once they've got everything worked out in later builds their equipment is of average quality.
  6. Quoth Trent Reznor: "Ever notice that you can buy an R rated DVD filled with profanity, nudity and violence - but across the aisle you can't buy a CD that says f*** on it? If you're going to be a moral watch-dog, have some f***ing consistency."
  7. Here's my converter... http://www.eenid.us/gge815.html I got mine at Wal Mart for about $10 The pad is about 2x as thick as a standard saturn controller. And doing a half circle on the pad is silky smooth. I can do 360s perfectly. And since my primary battery is Yuri I have to do D to F to B consistantly. It's a solid pad I say go get one.
  8. Mine isn't damaged at all. I have the Ken controller and my brother has the Chun Li and Akuma Controllers. But his Akuma controller had "bubble" defects about a week after he had his in use. But my Ken controller has held up fine (I've got around 3000 matches online and probably used the SF controller for about 100 of them.) I've heard that the Akuma controller is really rare, possibly due to manufacturing defects.
  9. The pads do work with a PS2 to Xbox converter. I use mine on Capcom Vs. SNK 2 on Live all the time. It's an excellent controller although it seems a bit too thick to me. But the D pad is dead on and you can't beat the 6-button face layout.
  10. Alrosa is just terrible for security. I remeber being at a Coal Chamber concert there and a guy dashes on stages and tackles the bass player. It took their security a bit too long to react if you ask me. But yeah this is sad.
  11. Capcom Fighting Evolution (it's not called jam) for sure. Although it sounds a little unbalanced but we'll see how it goes. I'm sure NGBC will be pretty sweet as well though.
  12. A+ certification equals passable salary wheras cisco certifications equate to higher salary levels (in general). A+ is really an easy certification to get though. The hardest part about A+ is learning how to read binary and even that is pretty easy. I would suggest going for an A+ at least (Give CompTia money now... lol).
  13. I can't believe that they added World Heroes charachters to this game. It's shaping up to be an awesome title.
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