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  1. erm... no good..... do you uh... do you have to rename anything or throw the BIOS rom in there to get a neo geo rom to work on neb? now I'm really getting stumped. I'm just hoping that neogamez 2.0 comes back with that neorage for it someday otherwise I may be S.O.L.....
  2. ahh, just one last question, I could just add this to Nebula's dat and it would work... right or wrong?
  3. thankyou much guys:). I'll get to work on my dat as soon as I can and I'll give it a try in MAME (thanx 666) I concur. KOF won me over once I knew about it, and I can easily say that it outdoes streetfighter in my book. this is starting to look like the second orochi saga now, what I hope to see is: Ron (Lin's brother) coming in to play at some point, seems like it could be this year due to duo-lon's anxiety... Ash as a boss at some point, this is kinda left field though. he may as well become all powerful and then get spiked by the tournament's winners for what he did to chizuru. More mark of the wolves characters... the time's gotta be drawing nearer and the gap between KOF and Fatal Fury seems to be closing for the first time in ages. Adel fighting as a good guy... it would just kick ass... and he seemed more chivalrous than his father in his defeat, so they might get it to make sense. this makes you wonder what the hell their gonna do for their dream match though huh
  4. alright, I have time now. here they are 271-c1d.rom = E24FC226 271-c2d.rom = 1B5E3B58 271-c3d.rom = D334FDD9 271-c4d.rom = 0D457699 271-c5d.rom = 8A91AAE4 271-c6d.rom = 9F8674B8 271-c7d.rom = 374EA523 271-c8d.rom = 72511F4D 271-m1d.bin = 0E86AF8F 271-p1.bin = 92ED6EE3 271-p2.bin = 5D3D8BB3 271-s1.rom = C47F8AC3 271-v1d.rom = D2B8AA5E 271-v2d.rom = 71956EE2 271-v3d.rom = DDBBB199 271-v4d.rom = 01B90C4F ...flock that made my head hurt... I tip my hat to you guys, I can barely look at that without contracting a headache. I think that this set may have too many renaming issues still to be playable at the moment. I'll try some of the other emulators (thankyou guys) but like I just said it doesn't look like it's playable yet. what can I do w/ this? reply asap, thankyou much~
  5. ahh I see. well alright, I've got a copy of KOF 2003 where the roms look somethin liikkkee.... 271-c1d should I change rom names for dev to detect it or come back later w/ the CRC numbers? I don't actually have time right now, I've gotta get out so I'll be posting again. PS: didn't really mention that I just downloaded 1.48 dev so yeah.
  6. well, the timebomb has gone off again (my computer). I crashed one more bloody time and I started again romless. I've been rebuilding and I did manage to get a copy of KOF 2003, just could use some direction as to where to go to get an EMU that runs it. I remember this site called neogamez or something like that that was spanish and had a hack of NRX that ran it. if anybody has the url or any useful url for that matter it'd be cool. thanks.
  7. I just saw the shot of Asura on the official site and therefore now have a motivated reason to play this game. thankyou very much.
  8. yeah I don't think it costs too much for a repair. Sony's pretty well aware of the low durability of the PS2. that's it's only big fault.
  9. SWORD OF MANA, awwwy yeaaaah make sure u have an FAQ first though, some parts get at least my simple mind stuck PS: Curr, would that be a lucifer pic in the 'ol avatar? much luv 2 ANGEL SANCTUARY. oh, I haven't posted in ages huh. well, lookit me I'm back whooo.... layta
  10. I just used the U64 emulator for this stuff instead. after my comp crashed I didn't care 2 get it again cuz it ran like crap on my comp and I already have KI gold @ home. hope ur problems get solved, if not u could try U64, I'm almost positive I got it offa emurussia.
  11. I saw it!!! You are talking about the "Yondan Drill" which is a super move(a.k.a. needs one power stock to perform or in the case of SDMs max mode + 1 stock) Special moves don't need power stocks and are easy to perform!!No KoF special move I know does 43 hits!!! The Yondan Drill has 4 charge levels! Depending on how many times you press punch, each level will start! heh, I gotta step up and testify on this one. I HAVE seen that axl. power it up to an SDM and then mash the crap outta ur punch buttons. THEN see watcha get. a note on Beni, I think he was lookin pretty friggin cool when they reworked his sprite for 2000... then they kinda had to do away w/ that coolness w/ his new shirt I guess. lol. I thought that Igniz surely was an amazing fight but he never managed to impress me more than Rugal. on Zero... well... lame in 2000 yes... but in 2001 fighting him was kinda cool cuz his strikers were nasty. Vs Lin, Ron comes out for a prefight look at him, after the first match Krizalid jumps out in that nasty new NESTS coat; pretty cool if u ask me
  12. flock of seagulls then eh? cool. wonder if that clan was around during the 80's... hm.
  13. You wouldn't happen to have a link to the promo art? I won't be playing Melty Blood with this setup though. really dude? even my comp could take it and it's a basic dell dimension 440. I didn't add ANYTHING on and it works fine. oh and for anyone who really feels the need to try this one out, then there's one place I am 100% positive u can find it; GET IT OFFA EMULE
  14. uh... anybody here meditate much? mu-no-koitchi is pretty damn cool mebbe I spelled the above wrong, don't kill me.
  15. well I DID at least know they were all of the same clan. any clue what the name of that clan is though? I know I'd heard it once but I entirely even, and by the end of these three years it might be integral enough that the current saga gets named after that clan.
  16. well... about Duo, I dunno I think he's fine. Badass even. At first I kinda thought he looked kinda like foxy but that wore off fast once I played as him. I think Ash is alright but I was expecting a bit more moveswise, at least he has an integral part in the story of this upcoming saga. Shen is friggin nasty, even though they look like they took a bit of his sprite from krizalid . only a few moves on that guy too though... hm. banning top tier characters sounds pretty dumb if you ask me. sure, maybe SNK didn't quite have tournament play in mind when they made these teams, but the new characters are always badass and powerful and it should just be considered part of the game if you ask me. Lin rocks 2000. don't you forget it. Ron should definitely coming back (Lin's brother). hint hint new heroes team ending 2003 PS: I now have a fave team for 2002. Iori(D button color), Orochi Yashiro(B button color), K9999(C button color). in that order and those colors, cuz the look the most like a team then
  17. hm... well as far as the regular characters go, I'd have to say Iori's at the top. his supers have gotten a few updates in the past years and they've been just great. when you look at his style, he's meant to play as the opposite of Kyo, which does make sense, and whenever I personally am in a jam, playing Iori will usually get me out of it. Kyo is close behind there, I just wish that SNK would make their minds up on what moves to give him when. for two whole years (2001 - 2002) he only had the orochinagi and then that God Dust HSDM, which can be very hard to pull off on a sidewinder (thank god I got a better controller) or an arcade joystick. I like the 121 style one though, (that one punch super) and some of his moves from 1999 really rocked. they didn't stay though K' = BAD ASS. it was awesome to see him and the new heroes team in 1999, it showed everybody that things were really gonna change in KOF, and that they were gonna KICK ASS . another great character that sorrrta loses his power as the years pass. the chain driver used to do SO much damage, but now they've balanced it out at about 50%. it's still an awesome move though. a REALLY awesome move. the new heroes in 2003 are really neat... but I wonder what'll happen to ash; or if Lin will come back into play again. he was awesome in 2000, and Duo comes from the same clan as him. next year I expect Lin's brother (Ron I think) to be the last boss, and maybe by 2005... who knows... ASH..... I wouldn't be terribly surprised. I'd like to see more of Adel, but I'd like to see him on a team as a regular character next year. when you defeat him in 2003 it seems to be a logical step. he's a far better sportsman than his father and maybe him and his sister could have an integral role in this new saga. bosses? Goenitz was crazy, but he got boring by the time SNK put him in their dream match (SVC). The best of the best has to be Rugal. his eye is where the whole orochi mess started. (another reason why I wanna see more of adel, his fighting style is so akin to his father's). following closely on Rugal's heels I'd say are Igniz, Krizalid, and Mukai. there's my take. peace
  18. ahh... almost... this is cool though, thankyou much is there anyway I can search just one site w/ a search engine? Orochinagi had ALL of the card fighters 2 avatars, I just can never find a link to it on the site
  19. I know they used to have these on orochinagi.com, but I can't find them. they had all of the character icons for snks neo geo pocket color game, card fighters clash 2. I'd really like to get them again, cuz they worked awesome with themes and as buddy icons, so if anybody knows the link for them then PLEASE lemme know thankyouu
  20. well I personally never have seen a candycab before, that's some cool crap
  21. ah cool, thankyou. and K' dash... thankyou as well... but it's not that it's not TRANSLATED... I set my language to japanese and when I choose my character and start my game I don't get story mode at all. any ideas?
  22. This is one that I luckily backed up before my comp crashed again. I got the Wulf loader again and I've been playing it for most the time but I haven't gotten around to fixing. it works fine but when I enter console mode the blood comes out in white patches (something I used 2 be able 2 get around) and the japanese console mode doesn't give me a story mode like it used to. any ideas guys?
  23. that was exactly the extension I saw yesterday. thankyou gentlemen. alright so highly experimental is the name of the program, but if not that use cdr win? can NERO do anything w/ this? just wondering
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