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Greatest 2D Fighter Ever?


Which of these 2D fighters is the King?  

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GGXX, hands down. Explaination? There's no better explaination than watching some top-notch tourney vids of some of the world's finest. (Check out some vids with MSY or Daigo on IRC.)

You said it brother. The professionals will kill you 6 times before you hit the ground. (Figure of Speech)

Roman Cancels and False Roman Cancel bring whole new depth to that game...

I saw a video of a guy beating his opponent with one continous combo. (He had infinite Tension gauge.)

Ha, I got so close to doing that with some chump at the arcade who thought he was badass.


He didn't block for anything so all I had to do was set up a nice air combo :lol:

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street fighter III 3rd strike



because its not too complex, in that all you have to do is choose your character and your super art. let the skill of the fighter determine the winner of the match. there is only a few fireball/uppercut characters, and they all have a little twist to them. imo this is capcom at its finest.


on top of that the graphics are amazing!!!



runner up: sfa3

the ONLY thing keeping me from choosing this game is that the music, imo, really really sucked. i hated it (cept akumas and dans theme). i was kinda upset when it came out, just because sfa and sfa2 had somewhat of an old school feel/presentation to it. sfa3 is still a great game.

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