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  1. They were piss poor though. Wasn't very convincing...l
  2. Easy, the Aussies scored 3 outstanding goals . The Japanese goal shouldn't of even counted, with the referee even admitting to the aussie keeper that he was blocked by the japanese strikers.
  3. Oblivion is going to rock. Dunno when i'll get it though since i have a few uni exams and assignments next week.
  4. If you overclock your card, turn it down a bit. If that isn't the problem, try new drivers. Don't forget to uninstall the previous drivers properly using driver cleaner.
  5. Visual style is VistaXP, and wallpaper is called Flowride. Got them from Devianart. Also, tranparency effect made using Glass2K.
  6. I use Avast Home Edition. Free virus scanner that betters most of the more expensive software. AVG is also pretty good.
  7. Chronicles of Riddick for PC. Very good, yet highly underated, FPS from the makers of FEAR.
  8. Definately Firefox, but Opera is pretty good as well.
  9. Theres a Guilty Gear on GBA. It sucks big time though.
  10. You can try Half-life 2 Deathmatch. I play that on my 56k with a latency of around 190 which is good for dial up. And of course there is Counterstrike.
  11. Try reinstalling your drivers after cleaning up the old ones with driver cleaner. Might also want to reinstall directx. If those two don't fix your problem, it's probably a hardware issue. Make sure your computer is well ventilated. You may also want to check your powersupply, though your card doesn't need much power.
  12. 3) Serious Sam 2 (PC) - Not as polished as the original, but still hell fun to play. 2) Tekken 5 (PS2) - I'm a big tekken fan, and this is the best yet. 1) F.E.A.R. (PC) - Good atmosphere, good graphics, good everything -> apart from that bloody securom problem anyway.
  13. Im glad. I hated the way GF FX was gettin smashed by Radeons for ages. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh how the tides have turned.
  14. Not that good. Actually, quite crap, since the X1300 is prettm much equivalent to the old x300 but with a newer architecture. It'll probably play the latest games fine on a low resolution and/or on the lowest settings. Don't bother trying to enable AA or AF though.
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