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What are you listening to? 3


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Damn girl at school didnt like me so now im listening to mudvayne "world so cold" and 3 days frace's "i hate everything about you", and plus i need motivation when i spar in boxing so i also listen to trapped "headstrong" and just a whole bunch others, and trance every once in a while "robert miles" :P

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Scars and Unfinished by Xjapan

Cage by Dir En Grey

Honey by Larc en Ciel

Faint and Numb by Linkin Park...


Oh yeah, there is a Korean in Linkin Park..Joseph Hahn...he's cool! :P

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Something Corporate - Forget December


Yeah, Hahn also directed most of the music videos off the Meteora soundtrack and is planning to shoot a movie of some sort, because he is aspiring to be a director. Just a tad of info if you didn't know already.


Straylight Run - Existentialism On Prom Night


^ New band made of some members from Taking Back Sunday, free music off their site straylightrun.com

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I Listen to everything as a whole, i practicly never choose one song.


Tool's albums

Rage Against The Machine's albums

Radiohead album's

Call of Duty OST

Wild Arms OST

Halo OST

.hack// OST (all)

Guilty Gear X/XX/XX#Reloaded OST

Final Fantasy X-2 OST

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Date with the night-Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Eisley-Blackened Crown

Eisley-Marvelous Things

Marilyn Manson-mOBSCENE

Dir en Grey-Cage

Final Fantasy X OST-Battle of Jecht

A Perfect Circle-Weak and Powerless

A Pefect Circle-The Noose

Britney Spears-Toxic

Res-They-Say Vison

Courtney Love-Mono

The Distillers-Drain the Blood

Missy Elliot-Im Really Really Hot

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