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What are you listening to? 3


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"The return of n0s" by EVILNOS *


"Did you ever - enya feat DP"


angelic requiem - Zuna yeri


eternal torture - athamay


kiss of the whip - athamay


chained and stripped - athamay


get on your knees and open your mouth - athamay


popping a virgin - athamay


our little secret - lords of acid


I sit on acid - lords of acid


out comes the evil - lords of acid


the kissing skull - midnight configuration


inject it with a poison - praga khan


2 planets - evilnos *


entangled mind - evilnos *


as the bullhorn cries - evilnos *


(*) denotes, yes, pun intended, I listen to my own stuff from time to time too

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-ALL the Cowboy Bebop OSTs (even the Limited Edition one)

-KRS-One (I Got Next)

-Queens Of The Stone Age (Rated R)

-Rage Against The Machine (The Battle of L.A.)

-Wu Tang Clan (Wu Tang Forever)

-Harry Belafonte (the ULTIMATE collection)

-Los Tigres Del Norte (Jefe De Jefes)

-The Pillows (FLCL OST)

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