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  1. anyone know if there are still any free servers for this game out there?
  2. lol, I know exactly where the douche bag lives, it's near me, but I have not seen him, a friend says he saw a fat kid going in that place so it might be him, lol... a fatty hacker
  3. "The return of n0s" by EVILNOS * "Did you ever - enya feat DP" angelic requiem - Zuna yeri eternal torture - athamay kiss of the whip - athamay chained and stripped - athamay get on your knees and open your mouth - athamay popping a virgin - athamay our little secret - lords of acid I sit on acid - lords of acid out comes the evil - lords of acid the kissing skull - midnight configuration inject it with a poison - praga khan 2 planets - evilnos * entangled mind - evilnos * as the bullhorn cries - evilnos * (*) denotes, yes, pun intended, I listen to my own stuff from time to time too
  4. my dreams are always messed up, talk about angels with black wings, a possesed car, angelina jolie, a sinister laughter... anyone else would go nuts, I simply try to do something with them, so did you enjoy?
  5. another nightmare... another morning sweat, the return of n0s... _excerpt from article mentioning the evilest!! _____________________________________ after a bit of a hyatus, the evilest of the dark techno genre, returns with one very mean streak, poist to blow up speakers all over the world, with a cleaner and more diabolical sound, no longer is this subtle backed sound, but a royally mean as hell (in your face) imparted by a myriad of bass, that could easily make a kicker kick the bucket.... then the now different approach to voices, with the whispers that relay what you should already know, evil has now come back, and this time there will be no prisoners or any remorse, nothing is sacred if your ears are still intact, then you find your feet moving as it is also infectious, best way to experience these new tracks by evilnos is to put them in your car and hope you stay within the speed limit evilnos has nightmares, these nightmares usualy get turned into inspiration for his music, it is a chronic disease, these nightmares never stop, sometimes this poor tormented soul wakes up in tears... his therapists and his family encourage him to turn them into some artistic form to ease his pain evilnos, lives somewhere in the midwest with his wife, during the day does service for the department of defense, during the rest of the time he tries not to fall asleep by doing anything he can, check him out ______________________________________ http://www.soundclick.com/bands/7/evilnosmusic.htm ______________________________________ newest track uploaded, "the return of N0S" ____________________
  6. so who is the one who has the roms? and where is it being released at?
  7. strange thing this i have never been to that site before but i got this message when i tried to veiw it vBulletin Message Sorry. The administrator has banned your IP address. To contact the administrator click here oh, sorry about that, you see we had a few ranges banned, about a year ago, matter of fact I didn't know they were still banned, will have a talk with someone
  8. consider this, imagine for a moment that some asswipe is actualy playing this on a bootlegged cart right now, bought it from a chinese guy that dumped it just to make bootlegs, he makes the bootlegs for 20 dollars each and sells them for 200 a pop.... isn't that disgusting?
  9. why in the flock does everyone think we all use this, I'll never know, it does not work for me, everything I tried downloading is corrupted, and the last update I did came ridden with like 100 spyware bonuses and a few trojans, what a Piece of crap!! there I said my peace, any other alternative to bit (crap) torrent ??
  10. and you would know it because you have seen his..... wait a minute, I must stop being evil, I can't say that. In all seriousness I don't believe he is a child molester, a disturbed mind he may have and twisted in the ways of the force may be is he... and help must he get.
  11. I have messaged just about everyone I could about it, but I can't seem to find emsley, his site dissapeared, I get a message from the browser saying the domain is gone... that maybe on my side but WHAT? I have not seen him around in ages an well kinda worries me because the dude is a neogeo freak, just like me, again sorry for barging in just to post this, but if anyone know please let me in on the info? did he get caught by the nasty arm of the IDSA?
  12. my theme song? guess it would have to be "kan ke ka!" from ichizoku matrimelee... you know the one in the stage that has the dude with the red scarf and the business suit singing in the background..lol
  13. #@#^%!!! you do realize there are thousands of sites right? this is good but you cannot base the opinion on just a few, bettter than quite many yes, better than all.... there is always room for improvement
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