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  1. My Laptop Intel P4M 2 GHz GeForce4 460Go 60Gb HD DVD-RW 15" UXGA TFT
  2. I live in AKL, NZ I have da series in a DVDR. (all in MPEG format, not DVD Movie) The sad thing is it's the English Dub version. All TV episodes + Death n Rebirth + The End I got the scans from Ayanami's Manga Scan it has vol. 4-7 If you make a streamload request, u'll be given vol 1-3 and some of 8. btw, where did u get the GTO manga scans? Is it complete?
  3. hahahahah.... just download the PS2 version from Suprnova.... I'm tired of staring at the comp... TV is a little bit more eye-friendly....
  4. well... i download the game, with nebula from suprnova. it works... but i want it to work with kawaks... i tried it, it loads, but no pics... anybody has the roms dat play 4 kawaks?
  5. hi! i'm newskin14 i live in NZ (the land down under) originally from jakarta, indonesia.
  6. for neogeo and cps1&2..... kawaks for Super Nes..... snes9x for Nintendo 64..... project64 for GBA..... visual boy advance
  7. Well.... I'm pretty much an Anime freak! Hmmm... my collections........ - Saint seiya DVDs (every one of them) - Rurouni Kenshin DVDs (every one of them) - Great Teacher Onizuka DVDs (every one of them) - Love Hina (and LH Again) MPEGs (complete) - Cowboy Bebop MPEGs (complete) - Trigun MPEGs (complete) - Evangelion MPEGs (complete) - Happy Lesson OAV MPEGs - Dragon Ball Movies (complete) - Street Fighter animated movie (MPEG) and the Alpha movie (DVD) Still hav some more in my home country.... can't remember...
  8. Hi! I'm new to the N64 emulation. I just download project64, but i'm a bit confused with the whole controler thingie... could anybody give me a link to a pic of the n64 controler and the buttons lay out? i have this controler, and find it difficult to set up button config. thanks
  9. KOF 97.... From the best romsite ever and i'm sure dat everyone misses.... Mame.DK
  10. My KOF 2001 rom has an ugly menu screen (The one where u pick Team Play, Team VS, Single Play, etc) when i choose "console" with kawaks 1.47b. Does anybody else experience this? is there another version which has a "better" looking one?
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