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  1. That was horribly written. No actual information in the article other than there's this thing called emulation... and it involves using a computer to play old games... and downloading things for free. Nothing specific at all... ...other than we are sick, evil, twisted bastards for downloading stuff for free. Is it still paranoia if they really are after you?
  2. Looks like Infinium Labs have tried to bully the wrong website... The [H] isn't wasting any time, and suing IL to end the dispute. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/03/03/ne...ws_6090525.html
  3. Infinium has a great idea, but I really doubt it will ever see the light of day... I've pretty much believed it was vaporware since I first heard about it ('bout a year ago, i guess). However, the choice to threaten to sue [H]ardocp is just going to backfire on them. Whether they win, lose, or even just drop the suit immediately, they have already alienated a huge amount of people that might have bought it, including me. I definitely won't be buying it.
  4. I've always used clrmame, and I'm really happy with it. But to be quite honest, I've never used romcenter.
  5. well... It depends on the size of your monitor, how crisp the display is, what you are used to, and what you are using your computer for. I use my computer for graphics editing, so the more onscreen real estate the better.
  6. ah... Yeah, that makes more sense. I'm sure you can get a replacement for pretty cheap that would fix that. ATI 9600 cards are around $100... 9000, 9100, and 9200 cards are even cheaper. Wallpapers at 1600x1200 are pretty hard to find... most of what I have used is enlarged and sharpened in photoshop, or it's something I have created from scratch myself. My latest wallpaper is actually cropped from a larger 1600x1600 image, though. Also, I guess you need a big enough monitor to handle high resolutions. I have a 21" display, which can handle the 1600x1200 at a pretty comfortable 85hz. That's another thing that many people don't know about... the refresh rate (hz) of their monitor. Most people leave it at the default 60hz, which is eye strain hell (especially if you crank up the resolution). Raise that to 85hz or more so that you don't kill your eyes.
  7. 1. huh??? like what? 2. You can get free webhosting at places like tripod.com, fortunecity.com, and geocities.com. Your space and bandwidth will be very limited, but it will be more than enough to host pics to display in forums and whatnot.
  8. Damn... all you people are running at really low res. Here's mine. Be forewarned though, it is a 335kb 1600x1200 jpeg: screenshot background is from www.diverse.jp icons are Snow.E 2 from www.rad-e8.com windowblinds skin is ChosenOS from chosenos.tk (site seems to be down now)
  9. Do we have to continually justify our emulator preference for you? Why is it so hard to understand that some of us prefer the accurate emulation mame provides, the wide variety of other games you can play with it, and don't care about any supposed performance hit because we have machines that can handle it.
  10. (one vote for 'I don't know what the hell the problem is') I really can't understand this animosity towards mame. I think it is pretty easy to use. And if you don't like the mame32 interface, use the command line version of mame with a front end. There are literally dozens of front ends to choose from. As for difficulties in configuring the controls... I never had any problems with my x-arcade stick or usb ps2 adapter with a ps2 controller. Press tab while in the game, and all the controller settings are right there. As for the inability to add new games... It's a minor annoyance. And if you are experienced enough to write a driver for a game that isn't supported yet, compiling your own version of mame is not that big a deal. Anyway, it's easy enough to find unofficial compiled versions, if you don't want to delve into compiling. As for mame supporting a lot of games people don't play... Sure. But other than having far too many mahjong games, I really can't count that as a fault. There are tons of classics in there that bring back memories. I remember playing things like Pac Man, Qix, Tempest, Star Wars, etc in the arcades as a kid, and being able to play them all again through mame is great. But, maybe I'm just showing my age. As for mame being slower than other emulators... yeah, if you say so. I haven't had any problems on my machine.
  11. Yeah... I have a few anime dvds. And, that doesn't even show my brother's stuff, which is about 20 more discs.
  12. I'm not sure what your point is... ATI also supports OpenGL.
  13. here ya go... http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=000691-A i'm sure they won't sound too good, but for $1.50, you'll have speakers
  14. If you wait to see better prices, something else new will be right around the corner that you will need to wait for... and you'll never end up buying anything. It's better to just buy what is affordable as soon as you feel you need to upgrade.
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