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Favorite Kung Fu Artist?


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Bruce Lee - Was too good for this world




And i'm sorry but jackie chan's best movie period was Drunken Master

and that's all :-D


Chiang Sheng [Movies:Five Deadly Venoms / Ninja In The Deadly Trap Etc [ Or any other Shaw Brothers Joint]


Samo Hung - Big Guy Can Move [Movies: Magnificent Butcher ETC


Wei Pai [Movies:Magnificent Butcher, can't remember atm


Yuen Biao


Yasuwaki Kurata


Alexander Fu Sheng [R.I.P. Poor guy, he bought bruce lee's house and died]




And Chang Cheh [director and hottest fight Chorographer without the use of "WIREWORK" of the NORTHERN martial art films. not hating on northern martial art flms i did love "DUEL TO THE DEATH" with Tsui Siu-keung and Damian Lau :D


SHAW BROTHERS is the best in martial art films period :D


Ten Tigers From Kwangtung, Ninja in the Deadly Trap, Kid With the Golden Arm, Flag of Iron, Five Deadly Venoms ETC ETC - shaw brothers joints

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the master bruce lee hands down best

jackie chan

jet li

Chiang Sheng

donnie yew

tsui hark is a great fighter and choreographer

and i also give props to steven segal master akido artist even though he let him self go in the body dept he is def someone i wouldnt want to meet in a well lit alley lol

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Bruce Lee

Samo Hung <- Rules

Jackie Chan

Jet Li


Chan was Lee's stunt choregrapher. WE MUST HAVE JET LI AND JACKIE CHAN IN 1 MOVIE!

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