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  1. Great job Random Guy! Im suprised so few have replied here. Dont forget all the Super Robot Wars games, They have robots from all the old shows like Mazinger, Gaiking and getta Robo aswell as Gundam. Im looking for a ps version now. Also on the snes is Battle dodge ball 2 and SD Chara Wars, both these have Devilman in them, I already have them but Id just like to let everyone now about them. Keep up the good work.
  2. I played all those games and never thought of them as been underground, Mercs was easy enough on the mega drive, SHadow of the beast was harder but I finished it on one rent, the rocket pack bit was cool. after playing it recently on emu I dont know how I did it. There was a sparkster on the megadrive too it was rocket knights 2 and was better than the snes one. the only underground game that really comes to mind is Herzog zwei on the mega Drive, one of the best games ever, I think it was the first split screen game too.
  3. Wow, this is the best Kof scince 98, All the characters are animated perfectly and the pace of the game is so exciting, the 3 on 3 thing works great and the specials are all very easy and smooth to preform unlike some of the other versions, the backgrounds are a little dull thats all. Kof 2002 was one of the worst kof games I had ever played it had no soul and very ugly BG. I was losing hope, but this delivered. Thanks guys for helping me to get this working.
  4. To replace my almost non existent irish accent........mmm Id chose a king of fighters 95 accent, "Bobart bersus Andi, wond one Fighte". It would be mad ordering chinese food.
  5. ok this is all you will ever need; Ecco2 Gunstar heroes Thunder force 4 Castlevania Soliel Streets of rage 2 Herzog zwei ghouls n ghosts strider shinobi 3 rocket knight adventuers all sonics Ranger X MazinWar Mercs puyo puyo Mega Bomberman
  6. check out the Mega drive/Genesis section, we mentioned some good games there.
  7. Yes convert the files to wav. If you download Nero express (this contains nero 6) you can use a program in it called NERO WAVE EDITOR to convert each file. Open nero, go to FILE,then OPEN and when the window to select where the file is on your computer comes up look at the bottom of it, you will see a box with a little arrow beside it, click the arrow and move down the list of options until you come accross Cue sheet or an option that has cue in it, now find the folder where you have all your Dracula files unzipped and converted to wav and click the cue sheet, now click Burn.
  8. arjay, I had that one too and its now in the bin. I also had a sidewinder but it had really bad response on the d-pad. I now use 2 usb conecters for Playstation pads. I dont think Joysticks are good or even better for fighting games, some zealots will tell you its the only way to go and its what the games was meant to be played on.blah,blah. But the simple fact is the joypad is easier and more responsive. It would be great if all arcades used joypads. (but the things would be destroyed within a week.)
  9. On my pc I got about 91% speed on panzer Dragoon zwei (original copy) using Giri Giri.
  10. Tekken has to have the worst control system of any modrem beat em up, just think how stupid those 10 hit combos were. I used to think it was great back when tekken 2 was out but today you need fluid controls like soul calibure not stiff ones like tekken. VF has made the leap, dont know when tekken will.
  11. great, hope it sticks to the same story line as part 1 and 3 evil cult, demonic demesions, Guilt and fear, part 2 was just a side story.
  12. Silent hill's had a way better story(as long as you understand it, funny that some people didnt.), and its atmosphere had a sort of realism to it so I like it a little better. Resident evil 1 and Code Veronica were exellent, part 2 was good. Nemisis was a casual gamers piece of crap. This is why the film didnt turn out as good as it should have been, the guy who wrote the script had only played Nemisis. Didnt play Res zero for very long.
  13. ''And lastly, on a more philosophical, and depressing note...what really annoys me is how people who are 'bad' (for want of a better word) and who don't do the right things in life always seem to be happy and get what they want, whilst others who try to be 'good' and who do the right thing always seem to be unhappy, and never really get anything they want. I hope this is just my inaccurate perception, and not really the case, but for now, it certainly seems so.'' This seems to be the truth where I live too (Dublin) and it seems that others will look down on you if you try to do the right thing. I think maybe they really know they are doing wrong(if they are) and want others to do what they do in order to feel its in some sense "Normal". For example junkies.
  14. Btw The Eye was chinese. DarkWater was good. I dont like the idea of children being trained to do some thing before the age of 10, for god sake I wasnt even really aware untill I was about 12. Let Children enjoy their childhood, stress should not exist at this age.
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