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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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no need to hurry cop dude, I have another 3 hours to go until D/L complete :angry:


EDIT: Has anyone got it yet? and playing the actual game on MAME32 plus??

Yes :lol:

I downloaded it from Suprnova.

If you have broadband and get it slowly, try downloading it with bittorrent.

The torrent file is at 27/01 (yesterday).

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YAY!I Finally ZGot It To Work!And How Do U Change The Button In MAME32?

i had the same problem man bc i wanted mah xarcade to work. preess tab when the game starts and highlight ummm input this game. change ur stuff there man. enjoy. its an awesome game haha :angry:

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if i get it from supernova, will it come with mame32+??


and it is bittorent right? how do I make that work??

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the mame32 has the default layout for snk fighting games, i wish you could change it for the capcom ones though.


whoever finds the.dat files for KOF 2003, be sure to post news about it :angry:


what is the unicows do anyways? where do you put it in the emulator or windows?


***Edit: oh James, if you make a new driver for Mame be sure to tell us :lol:, cuz i'm a dumb newbie who doesn't know how to make my own yet.

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what THE HECK?!


I just went to the suprnova site and downloaded -KOF2K3with Emulator- pack but


it leaves a mere few kilobyte file!!!!!(XXX.torent) WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!



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*patiently waits for the kawaks version*

im with u on that too man. once its on kawaks, im pleased. so far, the mame version is grreat as well.i play it on mah tv out so it looks great. i wish i can help everyones problem, but reassure u guys, u will play!! dont give up!! =)

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