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  1. I work at bust buy, so I get my employee discount on top of that
  2. I can parry the 6 hits of dudley's machine gun blow.
  3. I'm hoping to put together a PC once I save enough money. I'm just wondering how much it'll cost me and what I'll need to buy. What I'll need it for 1) emulation - I don't play many PC games. all of my gaming done on my PC is is emulation. What will I need to have a good emu machine? on a side note, have PS2, XBox, and Gamecube emulators been made? how powerful of a computer would I need to use them (I know it's got freakishly strong) 2) multiple OSes - I would like to have windows XP, 98SE, and a some Linux distro. I'll have XP as my standard OS, 98SE to play any older PC games, and Linux because I need to take Unix/Linux to game my CS degree, and I would like to make Linux versions of the games/apps I make. what will I need for this? 3) media - I'd like a DVD drive, and a DVD burner that's compatible with all the DVD formats (DVD-RAM, DVD+R, etc), CD formats, and that's reasonably fast. I'd like to my one of those Scanner/Copier/Printer combos. I'm like to watch TV on my comp, play my gaming consoles on them, and be able to get all sort of video input and audio input. I will also need to capture the video and audio input. how much will a good TV card set me back? 4) networking - I am learning how to make games, and am limited by the fact that I have only one computer when I try to make Multiplayer online games. I would like to set up a small LAN (about 5 computers), So I can properly test the games (and other networking applications) I make. what will I need for this? and just for the sake of asking, how much would a good digital video camera cost? So yeah that's the laundry list of stuff I'd like. assuming I have nothing (no monitor, or anything), what should I put on my to buy list and how much should I save up?
  4. Street Fighter EX plus Alpha Street Fighter EX2 plus and I already have the MAME and Zinc versions. I need the PSX versions. I've been looking everywhere, there's no place to buy them, or aquire them "alternatively".
  5. he's already taught C, that's enough to make a game. all that's left is: inheritance polymorphism templates linked lists operator overloading exceptions and that's the language pretty much, give or take a few small features. if you want to learn to make a game, you're going to have to look up an API and learn software design.
  6. My girlfriend has fairly old computer. its a 1.8 Ghz. but the graphics card sucks. it's max resolution is 640 x 480 >.< She isn't going to be buying the latest PC games, she primarily wants it to emulate. what's a good, cheap graphics card that will allow her to emulate PSX/N64 games pretty well?
  7. I refuse to pay for anything microsoft. no I'm not a linux fanboy. Personally I think its more insulting to MS if I use their crap and not pay for it
  8. why it stop here? aren't you going to cover structs and classes?
  9. I found a place to get the power stone cd image BT, and its 84 Mb. is this authentic? seems a bit small
  10. I managed to burn it with A 120%. now I need to find a serial for it
  11. also it says buffer under run protection and CD-Text is not supported. I'm guessing this is the problem?
  12. I DLed Project justice and I get the same error . is there any way to convert NRG to ISO?
  13. I'm on a 4 year old Compaq P.o.S. well it doesn't really matter, I can get CvS2 for $15 at hollywood video. does anybody know if the Project justice ISO is bigger than 700mb?
  14. I DLed the CvS2.nrg off bittorrent. but when ever I try to burn I get "Unexpected exception" on nero. could it be that its corrupted or the fact that its 720mb?
  15. *looks ar PSP specs* holy **** look at it PSP ---- CPU: 333MHz RAM: 32MB its more powerful than the dreamcast!!! DC --- CPU: 200MHz RAM: 16 mb This almost surely means Genesis and SNES can be emulated on the PSP. this also excited me: CPS2 ------ CPU: 11.8 MHz RAM: 12mb NeoGeo --------- CPU: 12.5MHz RAM: 7MB maybe we can get X-men vs Street Fighter and KoF..... and this might interest you all the most: PSX ---- CPU: 33.87 RAM: 2 Mb the PSP is more powerful than the DreamCast, and the DC was able to play Playstation games through bleemcast. imagine....Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, Tekken 3.... on a portable game system So pray to the emulation and programming gods.
  16. I'm at my brother's computer (2.4 Ghz, 512 mb RAM), at it still lags (although its nowhere near as bad as my 4 year old hunk of junk). It has some major resource hogs (norton, AVG, Ad-Aware, and spybot shields are all running) which may be the reason. anyways I'm building a new computer and I'd like to run Street Fighter EX 2 Plus at full speed. How fast of a computer would I need? is there anyway to alter the settings on MAME32 to make it run faster?
  17. uh, I'm not familiar with russian history here. Why would Chechen rebels are collaborate with Al Qaeda?
  18. I've had a teacher spend 75 minutes explaining Hello World in Java
  19. well I really need the TV card because I need to study the mechanics of the parry. I don't want to have the same mess with the parry CvS2 had
  20. what do you think are some good games you think have gone relatively unnoticed? The tony hawk series is pretty damn good. 3 and underground are the best currently out. can't wait for underground 2 and Ecks vs Sever is a pretty good FPS. if it had battery save it would have been so much better though. too bad the company that made it when belly up
  21. Also what's a good TV card? I want to be able to get video input from a PS2
  22. eh, I heard that 3rd Strike for DC has lag issues. So I plan to get the PS2 version and just record myself playing then play back the video on my PC. I want it to be able to. I don't need it to.
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