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King Of Fighters 2003 (kof2003.zip) News III


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Nope. I just UnRARed it and played. No fiddling, no nothing. And I can't find the MAME dat file to change the CRC.


The odd thing is that, that the game works fine until I audit it.

just so you know Mame does not use a Dat it uses drivers which are hidden within the program

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Here are the steps for CUSTOM KEYS setting:


1. Load up the game.

2. Press Tab

3. Go to Custom Buttons

4. Set buttons by pressing the buttons 1-4 on your keyboard.

(1 = A ||| 2 = B ||| 3 = C ||| 4 = D)

5. As you may have noticed, you might have seen custom buttons 1-4.

6. After you have set your custom buttons, go to Input (This Game), scroll all the way down and then there you can set whatever key you want to the custom buttons.

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about the new neogeo.zip file on page 12,


the link is broken and doesn't work, and I tried to save target and it still don't


work....there was another option but to get that, you have to sign up for fightclub..


the whole site is in chinese....I can't and don't want to join...


has anyone else got Neogeo.zip file that allows you to choose bosses?

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