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  1. Lol, that.nrg of Border Down was the same one that screwed me over. I changed it to a.cdi and still the same problem. Supposedly the combo cdi of Border Down and Ikaruga works. But it could be just for 0.1, because the Border Down.nrg was listed as working in 0.1 and I've even seen screenshots to prove it. I guess it might be a problem that'll be fixed in future Chankast releases. Not much we can do now.
  2. Yes, I did that. Actually I think dc_flash.bin was altered in some way. I put the original unmodified one back in the folder and overwrote the old one. Now things work correctly. I have to modifty it to the English BIOS again, but this time I'll store a backup in the folder too. Does dc_flash update itself whenever it is used? If so, maybe killing the process damaged it.
  3. I've been having a strange problem with Chankast. I converted a.nrg of Border Down to a.cdi and tried playing it. I got the game past the boot screen and it froze. So I killed the Chankast process. Now everytime I try to load a game, even ones that worked before in both 0.1 and 0.2, Chankast goes to the "set time" screen. I set the time and the screen appears again. After setting it the second time, I get into the DC menu and choose to play the game. Then it resets and starts the whole loop over again. It's not even auto-booting the disc, it just keeps asking for the time to be set. Anyone else have this problem? Deleting the config doesn't help either. Are there some registry keys I might have to delete too or does Chankast not put anything in there? This is a real pisser considering everything worked earlier today.
  4. Yes, rightclick on the tray, choose "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" then "Device #", then "Mount Image". You need to run the.cdi file, not a converted one.
  5. First, obviously, install DAEMON Tools and reboot. Then, when you boot up, rightclick the icon in the systray and mount the.cdi image of the game you want to play. If everything worked, you should see the disc show up in your Explorer window for whatever new drive letter it's mapped to. You can even explorer the "disc's" contents like any real CD. Once that's done you've got to set Chankast so it's looking at that drive under the File menu. Then simply Init the game and it should load. Does that help or were you having a specific problem other than general usage?
  6. Are you using something like DAEMON Tools and mounting the image to a virtual drive? Or does that require a bootable CD image too?
  7. I'm having PSX controller issues too. Same thing actually, where the direction buttons don't work, neither do the analogs. I'm using a SOYO Kiky-Joy X-Series adapter. I really only tried Ikaruga so far but I noticed the compatibility list describes control issues. I can't get MVC2 to get far enough for me to compare control experiences between at least one other game. But I guess MVC2 has problems of its own that sorta prevent a decent comparison. With Ikaruga, I can't map anything to the digitals or analog correctly. It maps, but doesn't seem to do anything at all in the game itself. I did manage to get the direction pad to work correctly with the DC menu, but in-game it all fails to work right. It took me a while to map everything because the Kiky-Joy assigns wierd names to the PSX controller buttons, like BUTTON5, BUTTON6, etc. I finally figured out the relation, but Chankast seems to be what's failing to work right. Perhaps future builds will look into supporting adapters instead of the typical arcade sticks, Sidewinders, etc. It was wierd because I screwed up the mappings and had the shoulder buttons doing my left/right movement in Ikaruga. I ended up just using WASD and the mouse buttons for firing and swapping polarity. I wonder if this an Ikaruga specific problem or a global one due to Chankast. It's only the first alpha, so hitches like these are to be expected.
  8. I don't think Capcom needs to make new games with new characters. They just need to put more effort into every aspect of their games. KOF gets a lot of praise for at least putting an effort into their storylines. Capcom has butchered their own continuity many times and even any game's plot on its own is pathetic. Capcom needs to keep the familiar faces, but make the games from scratch, with appropriate graphics for this era. It's almost as if they just like spitting out the same formula from the same team unwilling to go the extra mile with the graphics and music. It's like they pull the graphics, sound, and presentation value out of a hat full of the old ways of doing things. They spend millions on a game like Devil May Cry and cash in rolls of quarters for the classic series like Street Fighter and Megaman. Capcom Fighting Jam looks like a late 90's fighting game. It's time to leap forward instead of taking a baby step. Bump the resolution up to begin with, create some music that doesn't sound like Jazzpanese or generic techno, and create a deep story for once. Dream match games are getting to be worse than Tetris clones. I'm a 2D fighting game fan, so of course I'm going to get CFJ. But the average gamer deserves better. We've been waiting for Capcom to return to former glory for years and this isn't going to make up for it. It seems like they're banking on XBox Live to sell these games, not any kind of creativity.
  9. This is the most disgusting thread I've ever read. My wisdoms need to get yanked. I never had a problem with them. They came in just fine and there was only some occasional gum soreness once in a great while. But I went last week and found out I've got the first wisdom tooth cavity. The dentist said it was a hard one to fill, and that I might want to get them removed. I'm a little nervous about that. I know I could be put to sleep for it, but I've heard people come out of the operation all whacked out of their mind and say and do things they wouldn't when "sober". Any truth to this? My best friend said his mom claims he started dancing uncontrollably in the parking lot outside the dentist office.
  10. OK, the Amingo thing makes sense. I knew he was an official character from a game but could never figure out which it was. The fact it was a cancelled game solves that puzzle. I'm more partial to Ruby Heart. New characters usually don't go over so well, but you can't complain about a pirate chick. I still prefer May and Bonne Jenet over Ruby though.
  11. Are Ruby Heart and Amingo original characters? That reminds me of a Greatest Hits album, where you've always got some rare "never released" song tacked on at the end, which kinda defeats the idea of "greatest hits".
  12. Add another vote for the Proxo. The default config will block ad banners by suspicious words in the image path or even common banner sizes. If you get the Proxomitron, I highly recommend JD5000's config set. I use a mix of the default, his, and my own custom filters. JD hangs out at computercop.org in the forums ever since the long running Proxo forum was killed after Scott Lemon announced he wouldn't be updating Proxo anymore.
  13. I'm really liking Capcom's newfound interest in Darkstalkers. I'm crossing my fingers for Sammy vs. Capcom. That's going to be the ultimate fighting game if Sammy are in charge of the Capcom redraws, which is almost sure to be the case. These next few years are going to be heaven for 2D fighting game fans. With all the SNK and Capcom ports to stateside nextgen systems, and all the new games coming out.
  14. I imagine the roster would be pretty limited. It would take ages to get the Capcom characters visually identical to Sammy's characters. Also, why does everyone put Resident Evil characters in Capcom fighting game roster wish lists? I'm not starting a flame war or anything, but I don't think RE characters belong in a fighting game whatsoever. It's a good Capcom series, but the characters are pretty forgettable to me. Jill was the only one who stood out. And sorry if this was a repost.
  15. Rumor has it that Sammy vs. Capcom will mainly feature Darkstalkers characters on the Capcom roster to balance the "theme" of the dominant Guilty Gear side of the Sammy roster. One thing is for sure, this absolutely guarantees the long awaited redrawing of the Darkstalkers characters. No more of that same Morrigan sprite we've been looking at for a decade.
  16. What kind of PC specs do you have? Because anytime an NES game plays slow its because you either have an extremely low amount of RAM or your CPU is too slow. What's the percentage the game is running at? If it's not in the high 90's, you may not have enough CPU power for both graphics and sound. Disable the sound and see if the gameplay runs at full speed. It's the same issue old PC games had, where sound completely bogged down the performance unless you disabled it.
  17. They'll look a hell of a lot better with scanlines on. When the image gets stretched the scanlines provide a bit of antialiasing to compensate for the stretched image (which makes pixels larger and uglier. Console games are designed for interlaced CRT televisions, which have natural scanlines. So you have to use artificial scanlines to emulate a TV monitor when viewing emulated games on a CRT computer monitor (which has no visible scanlines). I usually use 50% scanlines. Every other line, just like interlaced displays work: drawing every other line in two passes to make up the image, while progressive displays show the image in one sweep of the refresh rate.
  18. I'm using a PSX adapter too. Is 800x600 the best choice for resolution? I always thought 640x480 was the closest to the real thing, since 320x240 is usually the native resolution for a lot of consoles. Then it basically does a 2x multiplier on the image.
  19. I've been thinking of creating a standalone PC for emulating old consoles, and I'm wondering what settings are ideal for popular emulators to get closest to the original display. Such as what base resolution I should use, what emulator display settings to use, videocards (with S-Video out) best for the job, etc. I'm aiming for a display as close to possible to the original consoles. Mainly I'm going with NES, SNES, Genesis, and maybe GameBoy. Emulators I use are MAME, FCE Ultra, NNNesterJ, ZSNES, Gens, VisualBoy Advance, and Project 64 a little bit. An example of the trouble I've been having is using something like FCE Ultra for NES games but the picture not displaying correctly. I can get the right scale for game, but end up with a black box around the picture. And using stretch functions tend to warp the image, where Mario would be fatter and some background tiles don't mesh correctly. I also have the same problem in MAME. Capcom games don't have the wide effect, and appear 4:3 while the snapshots I take are in a 16:9 format. And NeoGeo games don't fill the monitor correctly, with the black border around the edges. Anyways, I'm just wondering what anyone out there uses to match the original consoles' display qualities.
  20. You need more RAM. If the game runs fine but takes forever to load, it's strictly a RAM issue. I'd say 256MB is the sweet spot. Any less and it takes longer for the game to set itself up in RAM.
  21. Open the.ini and set "joystick" to "1". If that doesn't work, rightclick on the KOF2003 entry in the ROM list and go through the options to see if there's a joystick input toggle.
  22. Direct3D will enable the use of visual effects. Such as SuperEagle or anti-aliasing, scanlines, etc. And you should only play in a window if you're using common scales, like 1x or 2x. Otherwise you should be playing in fullscreen as resizing the window just screws up the scaling. I'd set MAME to use locked aspect ratios, no resizing, and just use the zoom multiplier or run in fullscreen. 50% Scanlines are required to play the game in fullscreen and lose the blocky look. These games were designed with an lower resolution television monitor in mind, not a PC monitor. That's why the game may look blocky or overly pixellated. It's a 2D raster game. Pixellation is unavoidable. The anti-aliasing effects add way too much CPU cycles and will slow down gameplay (ie: tons of dropped frames) much more than simply enabling 50% scanlines. 50% scanlines is your friend. Use it.
  23. You're welcome. You get used to MAME once you use it enough. Soon the only problem you'll have is remembering your zip names. Fortunately, my ROM collection is small enough where I can use it easy. That's why people resort to a GUI-based MAME: so they can manage massive collections easier. A last tip: go to http://www.mameworld.net/easyemu/ Click the MAME section on the left navbar and you'll find out a bit more than the included readme docs will tell you.
  24. It should recognize it. You may get a CRC error, but the game should still load.
  25. Anyone have trouble playing in console mode with the new S1 to fix the infinite time icon in practice mode? I switched to arcade mode yesterday and got the new S ROM. I wanted to see if it worked so I went back to console mode, and the gameplay is about 10x faster. Like twice as fast as Street Fighter on turbo2. The game loads fine with the new S ROM, and it does verifty an incorrect CRC (as it should) in the MAME32P prefs menu.
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