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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/features/6089278/index.html its 36 pages long, its a really cool read if you want to know about the history of snk, emulation even gets a mention......snk doesnt like you playing their old games even enjoy
  2. im curious, how are you playing ralf this year??? i am a very big ralf player from kof2k2 but i think he totally sucks this year???
  3. am i right in thinking you can only change the difficulty on console mode??? anyways yeah its onm lvl 3 by default, put it in level 8 expert, it definantly gets harder, but still not to hard to beat.....anyone know a way to make it start up in console mode and keep the lvl 8 settings??? every time i play i have to go set the difficulty again because it resets??
  4. whinge whinge whinge......you guys should just be happy that you can play it at all without having to spend $$ every game
  5. jack spade, before you load the game up in mame right click on the game name and goto properties and goto the miscellaneous and change the bios to US MVS ver1...just checked thats the one for arcade mode
  6. also, as for the game i reckon its awesome but damn that "no buffer" thing is really taking a while to get used to, im so damned used to kof games buffering my commands now...changing to this version is really flockin with my head
  7. dude.......too much time......waaaaaaay to much time as for the bosses, without the other bios file you can play as chizuru and kusanagi, the codes are pretty tricky but they do work im sure they have probably already been posted but obviously peeps dont wanna read all the pages so i'll post em again Chizuru : Up, then turn counter-clockwise to up-right then from this point, turn clockwise to the down-left and press A,B,C, or D. Kusanagi : Down, then turn clockwise to up-left then, counter-clockwise to the up-right and press A,B,C or D. it sounds flocked but its not that hard, if you have a control pad just do it all in one motion, i just press down then roll the pad up to diagonal upleft then back around to diagonal up right and press one of the buttons(thats for kusanagi), you can do it from anywhere on the character select screen, you dont get confirmation that you have done it right until you actually press the button, so the icon doesnt change until you have selected, but i have tried both and they both work fine.....hope this helps
  8. bittorrent is the way to go, or emule, but i reckon bittorrent would be better, what better way to distro the files than use the leechers bandwidth
  9. try emule, just type the filenames in, someone is sharing them on there
  10. i can confirm that 271-v1d.rom D2B8AA5E is the real thing, i converted to wav and it definantly has duolons ldm sound in it and a bunch of bgm and some other sounds which are kof(wether they are 2k3 or nto i cant tell but duolons sound is definantly there and its unique)
  11. http://infinite-emulation.com/SNK%20NeoGeo...0KoF%202003.htm these guys are saying that 3 other files have been released, and nothing about the files that we have already.....does anyone have these other files??
  12. i have the m1, s1 and c2, but not the other two, and, i dunno what good it is really to just have those, but i cant help myself
  13. yeah totally agree about the speculation is useless thing, i dunno, im a bit of a sceptic, if people were going to release the game and then didnt because of emails from snk warning them not to.... if they wanted to release the game but then didnt because of that why not just anonymously load it onto a p2p or something like thatand then...anonymously post on a forum hey look guys i found this link and its the game...etc etc ah well i agree, no more talk of kof2k3 until there is a working link with the full game there, if you want to talk about the game then goto kofonline site, but no talk of rom until a link is posted
  14. that info is taken from billy JR site and it came out about a week after the game officially came out.....just fyi
  15. tell me exactly what you want the joystick for and i'll tell you what i think about it ie: fighting games??? which ones and other things you want to use it for
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