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what do you find annoying

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a lot of things annoy me. Here's what annoys me(honestly, no matter what it is, don't be afraid to post what annoys you, I don't care if its ppl)




R&B musik

Rap Musik

ppl who start liking a certain type of musik to join a crowd even when they don't like the musik


loud people


ppl who preach their religions to me


neo nazis



ppl who use the word "dawg" and "G" a lot

ppl who wear their pants halfway down their asses

comedians who aren't funny

modern punk/mainstream musik



and the list goes on and on. Anyways, what do you hate?

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I'm annoyed by many things.


-The ringing of telephones

-music being played so loudly my vehicles windows are rattling

-stupid things on job application sites (3 years experience with windows 2000... in the year 2000; five years experience with Java... in 1996)

-Schools which don't effectively maintain mirrors of Linux distributions (Perdue, I'm looking at YOU)

-Not being able to get DSL even when I'm literally on the edge of the service area

-Goons who insist on polluting the internet with Flash content

-PHBs who insist on recieving my resume in Microsoft Word format, and that they send everything else in MSWord format (forget the fact that not everyone has a license for MS Word, forget that PDF is far more secure and universal)

-Microsoft, for leaving Internet Explorer in a state of brokenness for over 2 years (still lousy support for HTML standards, and horrible support for 24 bit PNGs. if my avatar's background looks brown, it's because you're using Internet Explorer. go grab mozilla.)


-People who have gone to school and have various titles appended to their name, and thereby think that they are brilliant even though they lack some common sense. (PhD = Piled higher and Deeper)

-People who want to call me a racist just because I've lived in Georgia all my life.

-People who associate bigotry with the Old South even though it's always been as much of a problem elsewhere.

-People who would say I'm a moron for believeing in Christ and God.

-People who know nothing about a topic and yet give horribly biased input and comments (Celebrities, for the love of God, please stay out of politics)

-The MPAA and RIAA and their brainchild that is the DMCA (straight out of the YMCA, if you read me)

-what mostly irritates me today though is the horrible state of the English language on the Internet. I want to beat Sharim1111 to a bloody pulp for his horrible english alone.


Like all annoyances, these too shall pass. It just seems like forever while we have them. :(

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- Telemarketers

- Gangsta Hip Hop/Rap

- Yes, the horrible state of the english language in the internet :(

- R&B (J.Lo)


and more...

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it annoys me when fred drust (or anyone else) uses the words "sick","ill" or "dope" to describe a song they think is good.


a bit irrational, i know but thats whats this threads for :blink:

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Crap TV.

For example reality shows.


CRIBS: look how rich we are. :blink:


Mobile (cell) Phones on buses.


People believing that Iraq still has weapons of mass destruction, come on!


Casual gamers who just keep buying crap and keep original titles from appearing.


People who adore celebrities, and want to dress like them.


People who listen to a certain type of music and dress in a certain style to be diffrent and then hang around in large gangs with dozens of people just like themselves.


R&B & Rap Music and people who spell music with a K (only joking Weirdanzeige).

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Whiners and Hackers Mainly

Cocky people also




People that make the same thread over again :blink:

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irrational ppl

religious fanatics(same as above)

ppl who think who they are is determined by the price of their cloths

ignorant ppl

incoherent grammer/english( See this a lot here)

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How can you be annoyed by telemarketers? Theyre so much fun when they call you just trash talk or act weird on the phone :blink: Hmmm I'm annoyed by stupid bugs in games... can't think of much else, takes some time for me to get annoyed :D

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what annoys me the most


country music - f-ucking red neck music


alternative/rock/metal music - all i hear is yelling


religion - why waste my time believing in a "GOD" that's man made. my sleep time is more important than sunday church


racism - the color of our blood is the same


gangs - i hate gangs. i used to gang bang. Can't help it when i lived in a city filled with gangs. Gotta be hard


desrespectful people - can we all just get along




reality tv - people just love drama


insects - i hate bugs. gives me the hibby gibbys


a lot of s-hit annoys me

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