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what do you find annoying


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when people ask for a rom for a specific emulator(like it really f-ing matters, if you want to play the game then you wouldnt give a shizzle about the damn thing), and italians, i dont like the dudes cuz they act like big shots

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-Dr. Phil

why do you hate doctor phil!?

whats he done thats so bad!? :lol:

hes mean man! haha. hes pretty damn mean haha.

but yeah..annoying...lagging ( in general ), school, girls who p*ss u off, and people talkin ish online. dude thats jus retarded. like talkin ish on peoples guestbooks and forums. argh. :P

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Annoying things huh??


Annoying- Non-annoying


messy toilets girls

muddy outdoor basketball courts boybands(don't hit me!)

hot, sunny day cars&motor bikes

flies McDonalds

used toilet paper that nobody dares to pick up Cocopops

non- optical mouse Wireless mouse


Floppy disks Martial Arts(Karate..)

My brother KOF series

vacuum cleaners MY MOTHER

she males Christina Agulleira

tests Homework

school work Benefits

mothers Fathers

scary people Smart people


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