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Metal Slug 5 (mslug5.zip/ms5.zip) News


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:P You mean, put those files TOGETHER? How? And the password... Do i need it to download sth else with that? I'm not very gd at com.  :D

do you have the mslugnd.zip (rom)


if so you then download the p1 rom which is in the zip (there is no password ) then you replace the old p1 rom with the fix

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superbness, this has really come a long way eh?


is there a full package of the Kawaks rom yet though?

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nevermind that last post I sifted back a few pages and managed to find it. but yes I just played through it w/ my brother now and if u guys want I could write up a review for it. I take enough from this site, figured it might be a good change to give. :!:

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Metal Slug V's Music is hot i love that beat


and i got it working for KAWAKS 1.45 LOADER *obviously you guys can tell i love that version from all the posts i've been putting about games, they all relate to 1.45*











:blink: and wtf did they do with FIO, she looks hecka weird now :blink:





EXCUSE my desktop, LITTLE KIDS don't look :blink:

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