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Metal Slug 5 (mslug5.zip/ms5.zip) News


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i mean the games like a fakes screen shot the example on the 1st or second page.... i know thats something missing...:(  :(

You'll be needing the hax0red P1 rom.... B) Try searching through this link.

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i just played all the way through MSLUG5

the last boss is INSANE.

hahaah man he wreaks some serious havoc.

im not gonna give away anything for those who havent played it.


buy it!


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I have a complete Mslug 5 romset with the hacked P1 and hacked NRX but for some reason my NRX keeps saying that I do not have the required graphx files to play the game. Could someone give me a link to a site that has a working hacked NRX or Kawaks emulator that will play Mslug 5. It's my fave NeoGeo game and just short of LB2 in how much play time I give it. If you can post a link that would be great and if not you can IM at XerotoNine on AIM or AOL.

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