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Metal Slug 5 (mslug5.zip/ms5.zip) News


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2D animation lives on!!!!! :lol:

DARN TOOTIN! :rolleyes:

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:rolleyes:  the roms are in format ms5_c1.rom and so on, you just download it unzip it and ready to play, its come everything ready


if ur talkin neorage I'll just have u know that this really didn't work for me. I have the kawaks version now but I'm just notifiying u about that :lol:


mebbe there was a fix or somethin u missed? I dunno. the results I got were the title screen and upon inserting a coin I got a blank screen with occasional garbled graphics

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can some1 post the complete working file =) cuz there is a lot of pages, 34 to be exact


And you aspect that someone give you help!

You surely don't deserve it!


P.S I'm stoned about James and Agozer (and others) patience! They have God's patience to answer to a lot of "answered a million times" questions!

All my respect guys!

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dam getting the bios is the easy part it is all over the net


do a search just type neogeo


places like filemirrors google and so on stop being lazy and expecting others to do it for you



thank you

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