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New Emulators Being Worked on For Xbox.


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after all the great releases we have had this year and i do think this has been the best years for releases for the xbox in a long time.

all the madmab releases,surreall64 ce,yabausece,nestopiax updates,final burn legends updates,coinops updates,a600 ports,neobombs ports.....and so on.

it seems there is further work being put into some new emus for xbox by a couple of different devs.


first there is a 3do emulator in development called 4do a port of freedo by incrediclint.

there is a also a port of fake 86 an x86 emulator for pc by mike chambers.

also by the same dev mike chambers is a nes emulator which he made himself for pc and ported it to xbox.


good times indeed. ;)

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Really great news about the FreeDO port. It's an exciting time to be an Xbox owner. ;)


With FB Alpha still very much in active development I'm sure there are some exciting things to come there as well. There's also NeoCD support in FBC which I'm planning to give my best effort to get going in some form. No promises on that score though.

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Anyone know if there has ever been any XBox porting attempt of 'xroar' (Radio Shack/Tandy Color Computer/'Dragon' computer emulator)


See: http://www.6809.org.uk/dragon/xroar.shtml


I'm pretty sure the ol' XB could handle it, based on the other things it's been ported to. :D



If you're not familiar with the system, you can easily find some videos with actual gameplay/etc via:










...you can also play around with an in-browser JAVA-based emulator on:




...go to [sETUP] to choose binaries to load. "Downland" under 'BIN' (cart) was one of my favorites back in the day ;)






There was also a Color Computer 3 emulator (xroar only does earlier versions of the system, up to the 'CoCo' 2) on http://www.vavasour.ca/jeff/trs80.html but I'm pretty sure the source is mostly PC ASM-targetted, but I haven't checked.

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Although I appreciate the shout out. It's the other guys on the list that really deserve the attention since the only emu I released this year was Bluemsxbox. However we should be seeing the release of at least one other emu before the year ends.. ;)

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