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  1. FANTASTIC NEWS! Playing with SEGA SATURN and GENESIS (MD) Pads! Perfect! (Adapter for xbox1 here: http://www.brunofreitas.com/?q=node/41 ) Thank you, Destronger!
  2. I only miss the JOYSTICK CONFIGURATION of the FBA XXX... So simple! So intuitive! Very quick! Or a GLOBAL Configuration Option...
  3. + T +. Thank you for your patience, dedication and all!
  4. The Filter NEOGEO don´t show any games... the neogeo games are running normally by other filters (and without filter). -- Bug Martital master crashed after using the SAVE STATE and try to exit the game.
  5. Finally, i tested with fullset updated! Great update, + T +! Thank you!! Some hacks of KOF don´t work... it´s normal? (it´s not a big deal for me.. i´m just testing...) A request : Can you make a Controller´s config like FBA xxx 1.28? It helps a lot to config Arcade joypad.. SFII joypad.. etc... I am very happy with the progress of the emulator! Merry Christmas!
  6. It´s look like crap.. but i will try it! Thanks for the info!
  7. Saturn Bomberman is playable?
  8. I love the Marquee detail! Very nice!
  9. Most games will but a few will have changed. You'll have to use the DATs to find out exactly what you have and what you're still missing. The next build of FBL will use the ROM set. Thanks for the answer! So I'll continue the download.
  10. I´m downloading the FBA 2.97.13 fullset... Not finding the set of 2.97.12... Will it work?
  11. so fast! I´m updating my romset.. Thanks for the update AGAIN!
  12. It´s a beta? or a finished game not released?
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